Shell and Nio cooperate on battery replacement in Europe and China

Shell and Nio cooperate on battery replacement in Europe and China-cooperate

Chinese EV startup Nio and gas station operator Shell have entered into an exciting collaboration: the two companies have signed a strategic cooperation agreement to improve the e-mobility experience for EV drivers around the world. Nio’s battery swapping technology plays a key role in this. The Chinese have found a powerful partner in Shell, which is represented throughout Europe with a dense network of filling stations.

According to a joint statement, Nio and Shell plan to develop and build a network of co-branded battery swap stations, initially in China and Europe. Cooperation in China should start with two pilot locations and aimed at building at least 100 locations by 2025. In addition, other co-branding battery replacement stations are planned to shell locations as well as fast charging stations from Shell to NIO locations.

Cooperation in Europe will begin the development and development of pilot projects in 2022 and should be scaled depending on their results. In addition, the two companies want to work together in the integration of the Shell Recharge Mobility Service Provider (MSP), which enables Nio customers via Shell Recharge Solutions (formerly NewMotion) access to one of the largest roaming shops in Europe. Further cooperation in the areas of fleet solutions, customer loyalty and the shop at home are also part of the strategic partnership

“What is most exciting about our new partnership with Nio is the breadth of collaboration and the value we can offer our EV customers in both Europe and China,” said István Kapitány, Global Executive Vice President of Shell Mobility. Decarbonization is a global challenge that requires far-reaching and multi-faceted solutions. William Li, Nio’s founder, chairman and chief executive officer, said the collaboration is a testament to Shell’s determination to accelerate the energy transition and its commitment to contributing to sustainable development around the world. He assumes that Shell and Nio together can create great added value for e-car drivers.

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2 thoughts on “Shell and Nio cooperate on battery replacement in Europe and China”

  1. “The cooperation in China will start with two pilot locations and aim to build at least 100 locations by 2025.”

    If you think about it calmly .. by 2025 they want to have 100 locations in Europe. Until then, how many HPC locations will there be in Europe?? 10.000? 20.000? And they do all CCS and (almost) all BEVs can do that. Only the Nios can change the battery. How many of them will there be in 2025?? How many then reach a changing station every day?

    How far apart are the interchangeable bunkers?? Ionity has almost 400 locations, but there are still big gaps.

    does not matter ..

    How much Nio will there be until then? What do the Nios do if they don’t reach the battery change bunker? reload? Yes .. but then immediately full … and past the exchange bunker ..
    Stillbirth same as h2 – only more dead..

    Who is ripping off whom? Can the shell be paid for well??

  2. There is definitely a lot of room in the market for Nio.

    why: because the cars are premium and at the same time can do more than other vehicles, are innovative.

    A Nio can charge quickly on the HPC and why should I do without this cool changing technology, it can be very useful in many places in a long car life 🙂


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