Shell: In 2019, 100 charging points are created at German petrol stations

Shell: In 2019, 100 charging points are created at German petrol stations-shell

When the electric cars come: What happens to petrol stations? This question has Shell in October 2017 through the acquisition of the Mobility Service Provider NewMotion, which is not less than 50.000 charging stations across Europe and owns your own statement according to the largest shop law in Europe, answered conclusive. You extend your own offer.

The company now follows this approach consistently and has announced at the end of 2019 nationwide 50 charging pillars with 100 charging points to build at its gas stations. Within minutes, electric cars should be able to charge electricity for a driving power of 100 kilometers. Shell first begins with 50 petrol stations or better said 2.5% of their own shell stations (2.000 stations), more should follow.

For the year 2019, Shell plans to build fast-loading stations on highways in several European countries, including ionity to join in 2017. Ionity itself wants to have built around 400 fast charging stations until 2020.

After extending for a long time against such a construction, it will build its own charging pillar_netz with appropriate fast charging stations – loading times under 30 minutes – for shell more interesting. Nationwide, according to the end of March, there was around 17 at the end of March.400 charging points for electric cars in Germany.

In terms of sustainability, Shell relies on eco flow from EnBW. Scheduled highlights with a capacity of 150 kilowatts and more for their own charging stations on shell gas stations are planned. Depending on the vehicle, two E-Mobile can at the same time load the stream for 100 kilometers in six to eight minutes or a vehicle in three to four minutes.

Furthermore, in a $ 31 million, heavy round of financing, as the largest new investor, has purchased the American start-up ample. The start-up itself has it written to the flag a technology that allows the autonomous battery replacement. Especially with respect to the forward-urgent electromobility an interesting field of application.

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