Shell joins ionity fast latch network

Shell joins ionity fast latch network-shell

Ionity The pan-European high-power-charging network along the main axis axes of Europe is a decided thing. Now the British-Dutch Oil Group Shell has decided to become part of the network. Today’s Monday, the company joined BMW, Daimler, Volkswagen and Ford. For the year 2019 Shell plans to build fast-loading stations on highways in several European countries, first. Ionity itself would like to have built around 400 fast charging stations by 2020, the first twenty stations should already be built this year.

In Germany, ionity cooperates with the highway service company tank and racing. So far, e-cars still play a supporting role, because the range is limited, there is little charging stations and the charging also takes a long time. According to Shell, Ionity‘s loading process can potentially reduce to five to eight minutes. With the active support of the network, Shell does not close the electrified future, but can shape this. After the takeover of good 50.000 Charging stations of Newmotion probably show all the signs in the direction of electromobility.

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