Shell takes over Newmotion with over 50.000 charging stations

Shell takes over Newmotion with over 50.000 charging stations-stations

When the electric cars come: What happens to petrol stations? Was a question that we have asked ourselves here in the blog a few days ago. At least for a supplier of gas stations, a statement can now be made, because Shell takes over the Mobility Service Provider NewMotion, which is not less than 50.000 charging stations throughout Europe has its own statement according to the largest shopkeeping network in Europe. Shell does not rising with small steps in the market of electromobility, but directly sets a clear sign.

For Newmotion nothing should change, only that you now work under the roof of Shell. Otherwise you will continue to offer charging solutions for households, companies and public spaces. If the Sytse Zuidema, Managing Director of Newmotion, is fully supported by Shell as a strong investor to be able to insist in a market in which you move step by step towards electromobility. More about this in the press release on the acquisition of NewMotion on their website. Shell succeeds in beating a bridge with this investment to make a good deal in the future both motorists with conventional and alternative vehicle drives.

Already in April of this year you could feel movements in the direction of electromobility at Shell. At this time, the company joined Charin, an initiative to develop and establish CCS as standard for loading E vehicles. Almost two months ago, in August, the message followed that Allego was planning the first fast charging stations on selected shell petrol stations in the UK as well as the Netherlands and wants to put into operation by the end of the year. Now the acquisition of NewMotion with over 50.000 charging stations. The destroyed direction of Shell seems clear that the way towards the electromobility is taken.

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