Shock for electric car drivers: big city makes up to 80 percent more expensive

New charging electricity tariffs

Shock for electric car drivers: big city makes up to 80 percent more expensive

Shock for electric car drivers: big city makes up to 80 percent more expensive-percent
SWM/Steffen Leiprecht Grandstadt quits charging contracts: New offer is up to 80 percent more expensive

Stadtwerke Munich have announced a price increase in their charging current tariffs for electric cars. The increase should go to 1. Get into force in April this year – prices are raised by up to 80 percent.

For links on this page, Site receives. A commission from the dealer, Z.B. For marked. More InfoSIM In addition to the increase, previous customers have to conclude a new contract if they want to continue to load to SWM charging stations. Stadtwerke Munchen (SWM) raise their charging prices: to 1. April the prices of AC charging stations from 38 cents/kilowatt hours (kWh) are to increase to 49 cents/kWh, at DC charging stations from 38 cents/kWh to 69 cents/kWh. In the case of the faster DC shop, this corresponds to a price increase of just over 80 percent.The current charging prices should still be up to 31. March apply, after which the current SWM charging cards are invalid and existing contracts are terminated. In addition, from 1. April new general terms and conditions apply. If you want to continue to be there in the new tariff, you have to conclude a new contract, but continue to use your old charging card. However, if you only after the 31. March for the new tariff, you need a new charging card if you don’t just want to rely on the app. Here, too, the SWM attracts vigorously: instead of 5 euros so far, 11.90 euros are now due. Stadtwerke Munich still does not require a monthly basic fee.

Shock for electric car drivers: big city makes up to 80 percent more expensive-city
Cattle man Two electric cars at a public charging station in Munich – including an E -SUV

Energy prices are always higher

In an email that is currently being sent to SWM customers, the municipal utilities write: “The development on the energy markets and the general increase in costs now make it necessary to adjust our prices.“The SWM have been able to prices for the shop on their public charging stations and charging stations of roaming partners, including Ionity, since 1. Hold April 2019 – so it is the first price increase in three years. So far, the SWM’s loading tariff was particularly popular with electric car drivers because there was no price difference between the shop with change or direct current. For example, customers were able to load relatively cheap on ionity fast loaders.

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Shock for electric car drivers: big city makes up to 80 percent more expensive-electric

Cameraone 1.000 kilometers range: electric car from Norway has staying power

The SWM is thus involved in a list of providers that have had to increase their prices in the past twelve months, including in the face of increasing energy costs. So Fastned, EnBW and Tesla had to raise their charging prices. At Tesla there were even several price increases last year – the electric car manufacturer fit his prices five times within ten months.

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Shock for electric car drivers: big city makes up to 80 percent more expensive-percent

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14 thoughts on “Shock for electric car drivers: big city makes up to 80 percent more expensive”

  1. Why don’t I’m surprised
    It was clear at the front that it would come that way. Quite a few buy a rather expensive E … Auto in the hope of coming up with it in the long term. The climate effect remains at least controversial. You do not need to talk about the range per load and also do not have the durability of the batteries. In the end, you remain on the costs and the car is in worst. So one calls a reasonable reason to switch to a car. I drive my modern district as long as it works and the next one will be a petrol engine again. Thanks to the border trunk to Poland, I refuel good fuel for around 1.10 euros. So please leave me alone with this E carfarce. This is an idea for an increase in profits – nothing else …

  2. why
    Should the "electrical stupid" with their already in production and the participation of parts (batteries/batteries) so "environmentally friendly" to be better than us (the often very convinced combustion drivers)! It only becomes really funny when the funding bonus ultimately paid by the taxpayer – then the hype should be (hopefully) over!

  3. Why shock…
    It is our business principle. So we will definitely save the world climate. Simply maximize everything whether it serves the environment is secondary. Germany saves the world climate and develops socially at the highest level again in all levels.

  4. I want to bet….
    Assuming that almost all citizens would only cycle by bike.Nice climate -friendly and free from A to B.For free ? I want to bet that the state then introduces the bike tax.Maybe with a TuV on bicycles.And for pedestrians there may be a sidewalk tax.In inventing taxes, our state has always been world champion. Tax failures must be compensated for somewhere in other ways.

  5. by the way
    to all "Home elder"… Here, too, the prices for charging current are attracted. It’s very simple: Wallboxes have their own electricity meter. Thus, the charging current can be separated from the house current. Why is only one shape of Wallbox promoted? We should all remember that the failures of the tax revenue for fuel must be brought back somewhere. Also the costs of the subsidies. Nothing is given away here. Solar owners are also used. The electricity may be free, but taxes will still be incurred. It can’t work otherwise. Whoever thinks else dreams!

  6. Mr. Klug,…
    I would not be so sure about that! Would also be possible to drive a diesel with heating oil. And intelligent electricity meters, as well as the charging electronics in the vehicle, will soon make the regulation and taxation of the loading types possible. And the vehicle tax is still in the room.

  7. That comes
    even worse. The state takes approx. 42 billion euros in the fuel tax. If the electric car gradually replaces the combustion engine, this intake sinks against zero. Does anyone believe that the state waives this intake? This is certainly put to the electricity price for e-cars. Please wake up to those who believe with these cars you will drive cheaper in the future.

  8. Taxation takes place via km driven
    Everything else will not be possible for control. As soon as you drive out of the garage, you have to control, or. Pay off. No matter which vehicle you drive. With petrol engines and diesel you will still pay a penalty tax because of climate protection. As well as the CO2 tax on the fuels.

  9. so what ?
    Where is the problem ? Thought the e-drivers have switched for the big goal "Climate", so at least in Germany ! Isn’t that at all ? Obviously, everything is not due to subsidization ?!? Shame on you !!! PS: I’ve always been driving V6 Diesel and V8 !!!! And without subsidies…

  10. Safe because of the funding and the costs
    With a new car value of 45TSD. Stay after deduction of funding and VAT. EUR 29TSD. Write down in 6 years and save 2500EUR tax/year as a commercial user due to lower monetary advantage. Loading is made at home with 29.6 cents OKO electricity without CO2 tax. With a consumption of 17KW/h and loss output EUR 5.50/100km. No ashamed of me, I generated millions of taxes.

  11. Wow!
    But now I’m really "surprised"! We live in the market economy! Was someone really so naive to believe in living on the island of bliss for e-mobility? It is required what is to be enforced, the electricity is no exception. I suspect this is just the beginning. E-car drivers will soon feel the way it is Z.Z. The owners of pellet heating are. Only praised as sustainable and now on the prohibition list of the Federal Environment Agency. The e-cars will not be forbidden, but the rough wind of the market economy does not make a detour, even the cheated children of mobility!

  12. above
    So sooner or later the price for mobility will level off and it no longer matters whether you are electrically with electricity or petrol, diesel and co on the move! The state will continue to drive in the fuel tax and CO 2 tax in order to be able to pay the state expenditure that the citizen also claims in all possible variants. The rat (all of us) is always bit in our own black.

  13. Lord with it
    Always up on the market with the electric cars, the energy corporations already expect 15 million cars of this type by 2030 and will not raise the prices. There is only one winner, these are these corporations, the rest, especially the people, is milked until it is no longer just to keep this bubble running. the "ingredients" For these batteries will no longer become, or all wait for the first recycled batteries? Politics don’t have to force me when I have something to drive, I decide myself, and will stay that way. If necessary, I will become unemployed as a result of their "Wannabe climate politics", Because e-cars you can no longer afford. Great thought, and the people are to blame because it doesn’t go along, just nobody says.

  14. E-car cost
    Cut well on the side – I have to expect to fall on Hartziv. That will mean mine "new" Car no electrical and no hybrid of any form; May only 7.Be worth € 500… Interestingly, new hybrid small cars are noticeable due to violent classifications in fully comprehensive – even highly potent combustionists are clear (!) cheaper. Think about it.


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