Sion enables bidirectional loading in the megawatt area

Sion enables bidirectional loading in the megawatt area-megawatt

The Munich start-up Sono Motors is still waiting with his first streamer. But even before this comes on the street, you have reserved 100 sion for the city of Utrecht in the Netherlands, with WE Drive Solar,. These want to use the solar electric vehicle for a large-scale Vehicle-to-Grid project (V2G). To do this, the Sion should help to become the first urban ecosystem on a large scale, which combines bidirectional loading and carsharing.

In the Utrecht region, the Netherlands combines local energy production with the intelligent charging options for electric vehicles and operates 500 public, bidirectional charging stations. In addition to the power generated via the integrated solar panels, all SION is charged with clean power and can also feed excess energy into the network. As we learned at the presentation of the Sono Motors Wallbox, the Sion can be unloaded with up to 11 kW. This helps to cushion load tips and reduce the likelihood of power outages. Interesting is also the fact that the 100 sion can provide a peak power of 1.1 megawatts, this corresponds to the performance of a PV system in size of around two football fields.

“This is the ideal project for Sono Motors to promote our vision of mobility without fossil fuels by illustrating how electric vehicles can support the change in the entire energy sector. We are proud that our technology supports such a groundbreaking project with the focus on sustainable, urban life, intelligent charging options and shared mobility.”- Jona Christians, CEO and co-founder of Sono Motors

Robin Berg, Director of We Drive Solar, arranges cooperation as follows: “We are very pleased to work with such an innovative company like Sono Motors. You are the perfect partner for this project because you have already integrated the use of solar energy, car sharing and bidirectional loading already in your product range.”

How to run the Munich to the end of the message, are 100 Sion, as part of the inner-city car sharing fleet with bidirectional shop reserved for the city Utrecht by We Drive Solar. The aim is to extend this project to further, Dutch cities and companies as well as other European countries. This is done in cooperation with the consortium WE Drive Solar, with its growing fleet of shared electric vehicles.

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6 thoughts on “Sion enables bidirectional loading in the megawatt area”

  1. Soso, 100 sion, which helps with 11 kW of the city to be able to breathe energetically. That would be 1.1 megawatts. Be. Let’s say, I was responsible for the power of the city Utrecht and would need this 1.1 MW. Then I would build a local store.

  2. What is new about it? Hyundai Ioniq5 and Kia Ev6 can already have long. Unfortunately in Germany currently not allowed by the regulations. Sono Motors should be slowly delivered. Everything that has been reported in recent months I was nothing new.

  3. The responsible persons in Utrech really believe it or do you just want to hang out the annoying environmental initiatives a carrot in front of the nose?? In the first case they are very blue-eyed, in the second pretty slotted ..
    100 sion are reserved for Utrecht. It should be 14.000 pre-orders with deposit. Come the 100 – should ever be delivered – then after these 14.000??
    Or do you stop on the placement of the first orderer?
    Or it is calculated by the fact that at production start anyway so many orderers will period the decrease of the vehicle (withdraw from the contract – unfortunately – unfortunately – only possible if the “allocation” is imminent) that the 100 vehicles can be redirected easily?

  4. Utrecht Netherlands a good thing. 100 sion for an advanced city. If the criticism comes from Germany, ok we can continue to fax and complicate the PV systems installation.


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