Six-wheel Scarab becomes the electric successor to the Unimog

Six-wheel Scarab becomes the electric successor to the Unimog-successor

Emotive focuses on a very special niche when developing its own e-vehicles: e-vehicles for difficult terrain. In other words, the Stromer can be used in forestry, rescue services and tourism. The start-up itself finances the development in part through crowdfunding. Scarab is at the center of their own plans. That’s the name of the six-wheeled vehicle of the startup from the south-west English county of Devon.

As Emotive reports, the electric vehicle is modular. This means that you can control and drive two, four or all six wheels. The vehicle should be very manoeuvrable. This includes, among other things, driving sideways or turning on the spot. The vehicle draws the necessary energy from a battery. However, since the vehicle is primarily intended for off-road use, where charging infrastructure is not always available, it can be equipped with a range extender. This can be a conventional internal combustion engine. Alternatively, a fuel cell can also supply electricity.

As with the drive, the Scarab can be equipped with modular structures. This makes it possible for the electric vehicle to become the electric counterpart of the Unimog from Daimler. Due to the modular structure, it is possible for the Scarab to become a vehicle for the airport fire brigade. In addition, utility companies should be able to equip the vehicles for construction and maintenance work on the infrastructure.

The start-up states that they have been working on Scarab for five years. A crowdfunding campaign was launched via Crowdcube only recently. In order to integrate the powertrain into the prototype chassis, the company wants 180.000 British pounds, converted good 215.000 Euro, collecting. After a good week are already around 215.000 British pounds got together. The campaign runs for about two weeks.

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  1. The Unimog is called unimog, universal engine device, because of the side drives. You can see that here nothing. If there is something like that, then this is the Ford F 150 Lightning with his frunk for local-independent work. But I’m sure there will also be an electric original, an e-Unimog of Mercedes. A study was already seen.


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