Sixt & Telefonica About Mobility: “Not only a question of manufacturers”

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Sixt & Telefonica About Mobility:

Autonomous driving and electric cars are not only a topic for automakers and their suppliers. Also car rental companies and mobile companies show more and more interest. Telefonica boss Markus Haas and the car rental company Alexander Sixt explained in an interview with the world, as they want to deal with the mobility of the future and what they intend to shape the transition to electromobility also.

Telefonica boss Markus Haas, for example, says that the mobile industry “very much” to do with the auto industry. As early as the production of vehicles, “which is controlled in networked factories in the future via the mobile radio standard 5G”. This will make automobile production “much more efficient”. Once in customer hand again more and more models get software updates via mobile radio, also known as over-the-air updates (OTA). And if autonomous driving once belongs to our everyday life, “runs a large part of the control over 5g,” says the Telefonica boss. He sees the mobile service providers as a “central adhesive in this world”. Even with the traffic and traffic avoidance, fast networks are advantageous: “With the data from our network, we can make mobility more efficient and contribute to climate neutrality,” explains Haas.

Alexander Sixt sees this: The car rental company Care “A very close partnership” with mobile phone companies, since he brought the carsharing service Drivenow to the street in 2012. “It was a bit wide revolutionary to equip vehicles with a GSM module and allow the customer to open and close them to the customer,” explains Sixt. For the autonomous driving, he sees “no quantum jumps, if we do not roll out 5g in Germany”. Because a complete network without radio holes be “immensely important. We are already coming to problems, rural areas or in parking garages today, “says Sixt. The car rental company has installed two mobile modules in his vehicles to switch when a network is currently not available.

In the technical development of the vehicles, the two companies are “course dependent on the car manufacturers“, says Sixt. At the same time, the car rental company with some manufacturers “for decades has been a close partnership, especially in terms of vehicles in our fleet and joint marketing activities to enable targeted test drives,” explains Sixt. It will also lead to the autonomous vehicles, where he also sees a great value for car rental companies: “The autonomous fleets must be operated, the cars are brought to the right place, with appropriate utilization, they must be cleaned and repaired,” explains Sixt. He believes strongly “to a partnership approach to create the urgently needed mobility turn together. The mobility market is complex, new offers can be better than against each other, “said the entrepreneur.

“We invest over 50 million euros in the expansion of the charging infrastructure”

Currently, so Sixt, be “impressed” of which, “with what consequence the German car manufacturers have initiated the turn to the electromobility”. But he also knows the construction sites that still need to be processed so that e-mobility can become a thorough success: “For example, we need battery cell production, charging columns, a better power grid and a stable supply,” says Sixt. Here, the mobile network providers are asked, according to Telefonica boss Haas: “For example, you must find the right charging station, know if it is free or is being used”. The mobile network “An essential factor”.

In the urgent need for a nationwide infrastructure, Sixt wants to contribute his part: “We decided four weeks ago that we invest over 50 million euros in the expansion of the charging infrastructure,” explains Sixt. “In our own and public stations”, which can also be used by third parties, the entrepreneur. Because the rent of an e-car must be considered differently than that of a combustion: “So far, most customers have fueled shortly before the vehicle is delivered, which is no longer conceivable in times of electromobility. You can not wait at the airport one and a half hours on the charging pillar and then just give the car “.

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  1. I can only report how sixt‘s theme of electromobility was prioritized for four weeks ago: not at all. I had an Audi A8 plugin hybrid clean and with full tank, but completely empty battery.


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