Sixt: “Would like more e-cars in our fleet”


The car rental company Sixt would like more e-cars in his fleet. The Executive Board Chief Alexander Sixt opposite “ “. However, these are currently still heavier than burners. State promotion has triggered a run on a streamer, which would probably dissolve with increasing production capacities 2023 or 2024. After years of scarcity, however, the years of oversupply would come. Currently, the share of E-Cars at SIXT worldwide is ten percent, in car-sharing in Germany a good one third – in some markets such as the Netherlands even 100 percent.

The German auto industry will always remain a strategic partner, Sixt is quoted. After all, his company is also a sales channel and a marketing tool. According to Sixt, the rental car experience has a decisive influence on the purchase process. It is more important than the test drive or classic ads. “With us, the cars can be experienced. This currently applies in particular to electric cars.Independent of German manufacturers, however, the development of completely new market participants is also observed with great interest.

Regardless of the drive, the group has turbulent times behind it. With the onset of the pandemic, business collapsed, according to the” almost completely together. Business is now running smoothly again, a government loan of around 1.5 billion euros has been paid off – and 2021 should be a record year. “We still drive very carefully,” Alexander Sixt is quoted as saying. However, people are more mobile than they were a year ago. However, business trips would tend to remain slightly weaker even after the pandemic. One way or another, Mobileye, the first fleet of robotaxis at Level 4, will be driving through Munich in the fall.

According to Sixt, car rentals must be easy and flexible. However, many providers and investors would underestimate the complexity of the industry. A cool app and a few cars are not enough. Behind this, millions of routines such as provision, maintenance intervals or repair orders are needed. In addition, cars would constantly move between locations. This requires dynamic forecasting models. Sixt: “In 2023 we will have almost as many software developers as station managers. We are a tech company with a car rental affiliate.”

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2 thoughts on “Sixt: “Would like more e-cars in our fleet””

  1. From the article:

    “The German car industry will always remain a strategic partner, Sixt is quoted as saying. After all, his company is also a sales channel and a marketing tool. […] Regardless of German manufacturers, one is also observing the development of completely new market participants with great interest.”

    Should I perhaps understand that as a deferred threat to buy in the “new market participants” in the future, if the German auto industry does not continue to provide the high discounts that were usual from combustion times?

  2. Could not find that Sixt should be a “tech company” – but hopefully comes soon

    and that one could not rent an eauto there for so many years in practice, I did not excite me as a customer at all.

    Since Sixt Mega is slowly traveling

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