Skoda about the design of purely electric Enyaq IV

Skoda about the design of purely electric Enyaq IV-electric

As we have already learned, the new Enyaq IV will help to make the Czech automaker Skoda a big step in implementing its electromobility strategy. The first SKODA production vehicle is based on the purely battery-electric SUV on the modular electrification device (MEB) of the Volkswagen Group. On the drive side, both rear and four-wheel drive are available for the Enyaq IV, and three battery levels and five performance levels are available. Now we could learn more about the design of the Stromer.

The company is to be understood that the Enyaq IV with individual design Selections will also go new paths in the interior design. The interior of the first purely electric SUV of the Czech car manufacturer is based on modern residential worlds. These are intended to replace the previous equipment lines and are characterized by natural, sustainably processed and recycled materials. What suits the approach of e-mobility.

Norbert Weber, Head of Interior Design at Skoda, gives, for example, that the electrician from the long wheelbase of the MEB platform, which enables an extremely spacious space in the interior in relation to the body dimensions,. Furthermore, the flat floor without medium tunnel also contributes to a changed sense of space, “We have used this conceptual special feature to make the interior visually even more airy and interpret the sense of space even more generous. This concerns, for example, the new instrument panel created in several levels, “says Weber.

In particular, the space gain, through the missing midrocal tunnel, has been used to make useful to create an additional stowage level below the center console built up in several levels. The passengers in the rear will benefit additional space in the footwell in front of the middle seat as well as the exceptionally generous legroom through the long wheelbase. Likewise, the Enyaq IV will be well prepared by a trunk volume of 585 liters for everyday challenges.

“Clear, airy, innovative and sustainable. Clearly thanks to the lightweight configurability of the design selectings and the theme packages, airy due to the generous space and very good sense of space. Innovative due to features such as the 13-inch central screen and the new head-up display including augmented reality and sustainably through the use of natural and recycled materials.”- Norbert Weber, Head of Interior Design at Skoda, about the interior design of the Enyaq IV

With regard to the materials used, Weber mentions two examples of which should show how sustainable the car manufacturer thinks. For example, in a Design Selection, the seat covers, for example, to 40 percent of rogue wool and wear the wool seal of the Woolmark Company. The remaining 60 percent of the fabric are made of the polyester recycled PET bottles. These covers have a unique feel and ensure a pleasant seat climate. In addition, one has particularly sustainably produced leather in the offer, which is used for tanning instead of chemicals partly an extract from the leaves of the olive tree.

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  1. The information value of this article is very manageable, a lot of juicing around sidelies, not even undertaken with photos (it is absolutely necessary to make a secret as long as possible, then to proclaim with great tamptam: Juhu, it’s a car!). I am always surprised how this marketing strategy of “appetizing” seems to work today. As with small children who are looking forward to a new toy!
    How about useful information z.B. to cost, inspection costs, warranty, energy consumption, charging losses, trailer load etc???

  2. The engine technology is leaned against the ID. Trailer load similar . Load losses are 2% customary. Skoda can not overlap physics.


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