Skoda celebrates 100.000 produced electric vehicles

Skoda celebrates 100.000 produced electric vehicles-vehicles

In the main plant of Skoda, the 100 days ran a few days ago.000STE electric vehicle from the band – an Enyaq IV. With the IV ‘plaque, the Czech car manufacturer features models that have a partially electrical or fully electric powertrain. Currently Skoda produces three IV series: the plug-in hybrid Superb IV and Octavia IV as well as the fully electric Enyaq IV. By 2030, Skoda wants to launch at least three more pure E models.

“100.Iv vehicles produced within not even two years – this is a prelude to measure on the way to the electrical age. A big thanks to the entire production team that manufactures our high-speed IV vehicles and great quality. Now we continue in quick steps – the Enyaq IV and our two plug-in hybrid models are just the beginning.”- Michael Oeljeklaus, Executive Board for Production and Logistics Skoda

By 2030, Skoda wants to expand its product portfolio by at least three other purely electrical models, which will be positioned in price and largely technically below the Enyaq IV. This strives for the brand – depending on the market development – a share of fully electric models in Europe from 50 to 70 percent.

His era of electromobility rang Skoda in September 2019 with the production of the plug-in hybrid Superb IV and the purely electric CITOGO-E IV. In September 2020, the Czech automobile manufacturer then went with the Enyaq IV – the first fully electric production vehicle of the brand based on the MEB platform of the Volkswagen Group – the largest step in implementing its electromobility strategy so far.

The Enyaq IV has tail or four-wheel drive, and there are five power levels and three battery levels to choose from. Depending on the capacity of the battery, the range is more than 520 kilometers in the WLTP cycle. The SUV convince in everyday use also by the brand-typically extremely generous space conditions, so the Czechs in a current message. With its new E-flagship SKODA also a new way suggests a new way in the interior design: Innovative design Selections occur to the place of classical equipment lines – as a whole, customers expect a new, clearly designed quotation structure.

Currently, high-voltage traction batteries are produced for the plug-in hybrid models Superb IV and Octavia IV as well as for models of further group brands. At the beginning of the next year, Mladá Boleslav also launches the production of MEB battery systems for the Enyaq IV. In addition, the Czech car manufacturers work together with partners to set up a stable supplier structure for electromobility.

With its new Next Level – SKODA Strategy 2030, Skoda has imposed ambitious goals in sustainable growth, development of new sales regions and electrification. The company seeks to count to the five best-selling car brands in Europe by 2030. This should be achieved, among other things, with particularly inexpensive entry-level models and a strong, electrified model portfolio. Depending on the market development, the company strives to expand the share of fully electric vehicles to 50 to 70 percent of its model range in Europe. This should help to reduce CO2 emissions of the fleet produced by 2030 by more than 50 percent.

In the same step, the company works in cooperation with the Group and partners from politics and the economy to expand its Czech homeland to an electromobility hub. Also concrete goals for sustainability and diversity are constituents of the strategy.

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