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SKODA | Climatronic Air Care System | News in Auto Klein GmbH & Co. KG-climatronic

› Air Care system improves the air quality in the vehicle interior
› Pollutant sensor checks the intake air and activates the air recirculation function if necessary
› Automatic Air Quality System (AQS) recirculation control with particle, activated carbon and allergen filter

Mlada Boleslav – SKODA Climatronic air conditioning systems with the Air Care system effectively reduce the level of particles in the air inside the vehicle, such as dust and pollen. If the pollutant sensor measures an impairment of the air quality, the system automatically switches to air recirculation mode and thus prevents outside air from being sucked into the interior. The integrated Air Quality System (AQS) with automatic air recirculation makes a contribution to the health of passengers and increases well-being both in city traffic and when travelling. The Air Care and AQS function with pollutant sensor are available for the ENYAQ iV, KAROQ, KODIAQ, OCTAVIA and SUPERB models.

The Climatronic systems in SKODA vehicles increase passenger comfort and safety. In conjunction with the Air Quality System (AQS), the Climatronic automatically switches to air recirculation mode as soon as the sensors detect contamination in the outside air. In addition, the highly effective filters of the Air Care system constantly clean the air in the vehicle interior. Particles, pollen and unpleasant odors are thus effectively absorbed.

The fully automatic Climatronic air conditioning systems from SKODA AUTO are available as two-zone or three-zone systems depending on the model and equipment variant. This allows the air temperature for the driver and front passenger to be controlled separately. The third zone also allows the rear passengers to select their own desired temperature using separate control buttons. The switchable Air Care system of the Climatronic cleans the room air thoroughly using multi-layer cabin filters and makes journeys even more pleasant – not only for allergy sufferers.

Air Care function cleans the air in the room
The Climatronic air care system uses various sensors and a modern activated carbon combination filter to optimize the air quality and humidity in the vehicle interior. For this purpose, the temperature of the windshield and the humidity are monitored in addition to the inside and outside temperature. To prevent the windscreen from fogging up, an air conditioning compressor is activated if necessary – as long as the outside temperature does not fall below freezing. The system switches to defrost mode and the air flows to the windshield and side windows. In addition, the fan works with increased intensity to dehumidify the interior. The circulating room air is repeatedly passed through a highly effective filter system and cleaned particularly thoroughly. The particle, activated carbon and allergen filter absorbs fine dust, soot and pollen, absorbs unpleasant odors and eliminates various allergens. The Climatronic with Air Care function is available as standard or as an option for all new SKODA models.

Sensor detects gaseous pollutants and activates air recirculation mode
In many SKODA models, the AQS system for automatic air recirculation works with an additional pollutant sensor that detects gaseous impurities such as hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides or sulfur dioxide. If there is an increased concentration of these gases in the vehicle interior, the fresh air supply is automatically interrupted and temporarily switched to air recirculation mode. The system then automatically returns to fresh air mode. The Air Care and AQS functions with a pollutant sensor are available for the ENYAQ iV, KAROQ, KODIAQ, OCTAVIA and SUPERB models.

› steers successfully through the new decade with the NEXT LEVEL – SKODA STRATEGY 2030.
› is striving to be one of the five top-selling brands in Europe by 2030 with attractive offers in the entry-level segments and additional e-models.
› becomes the leading European brand in India, Russia and North Africa.
› currently offers its customers ten car model series: FABIA, RAPID, SCALA, OCTAVIA and SUPERB as well as KAMIQ, KAROQ, KODIAQ, ENYAQ iV and KUSHAQ.
› delivered over one million vehicles to customers worldwide in 2020.
› has been part of the Volkswagen Group, one of the world’s most successful automobile manufacturers, for 30 years.
› manufactures and develops vehicles as well as components such as engines and transmissions independently within the group.
› maintains three locations in the Czech Republic; manufactures in China, Russia, Slovakia and India primarily through group partnerships and in the Ukraine with a local partner.
› employs more than 43.000 employees worldwide and is represented in over 100 markets.

SKODA AUTO Deutschland GmbH
› entered the German market in September 1991.
› represented in connection with around 1.100 sales and service partners the SKODA brand in Germany.
› is part of the success story of the traditional Czech brand: in 2020, over 181.000 new SKODA vehicles were registered as passenger cars, which corresponds to a market share of 6.2 percent. SKODA was not only the number one import brand in Germany for the twelfth year in a row, but also further consolidated its position among the well-known volume brands.

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