Skoda confirms work on three small to compact electric car models

Skoda confirms work on three small to compact electric car models-work

Skoda CEO Thomas Schafer has confirmed rumors that the Czech manufacturer’s next three electric cars will all be smaller than the Enyaq SUV and the Enyaq Coupe (pictured in the cover photo). But he also said that there will of course be larger Skoda electric cars in the future.

The new Enyaq Coupe iV, just launched, is Skoda’s second model to be built on the Volkswagen Group’s versatile electric MEB platform. Next priorities include a compact car similar in size to the Volkswagen ID.3 is to be canceled, as well as the first model on the compact MEB Entry platform, which would replace the Citigo e-iV at Skoda, which has been out of production since 2020.

The brand sisters Volkswagen with the ID.Life and Cupra with the Urban Rebel have already previewed what electric cars can look like on the smaller MEB platform. With the introduction of these models, at purchase prices around 20.000 euros, can be expected from around 2025. When asked when Skoda will present a model on this platform, Schafer replied: “Our colleagues from Seat, Cupra and Volkswagen are taking a somewhat more energetic approach in this segment.”. Skoda is balancing a little here within the VW group.

However, Schafer announced that Skoda would also be giving a model preview for an electric car based on the MEB entry platform “soon”. He made it clear that the Skoda concept differs significantly from that of the sister brands and should correspond to the philosophy of the Czech car manufacturer. Which should mean: tease out the maximum of interior and trunk volume on a small platform, while VW with the ID.Life focuses on sustainability and Cupra, with which Urban Rebel puts sportiness in the foreground.

So while the immediate priority is to fill the e-car portfolio below the Enyaq with three more e-models, Schafer did not rule out that there will be some larger e-models from the Czech Republic in the future. Specifically, he presented a larger, seven-seater SUV or a van/transporter similar to the imminent ID.Buzz from VW in prospect.

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4 thoughts on “Skoda confirms work on three small to compact electric car models”

  1. Other rims and two Tipp Ex in the picture and it already looks like a Model Y – what the VW fanboys will probably say about that, who find the design of the Model Y so beautiful 😉

  2. If Skoda weren’t VW, this brand could really step on the gas. But with the VW brake pad on your leg, it’s difficult. I think it’s a compliment to Tesla what Skoda is building there. The Chinese used to copy and were ridiculed. If the electronic inner workings could now also be solved by VW and further developed with the Skode Drive, then Skode VW would quickly rush.

  3. …a little hope after the M2/MQ is still longer than expected.
    But please do more “Bums” than with the ID.3 and, above all, no interior at Dacia level for the BMW price.
    Why VW an ID.Life, on an allegedly smaller platform, but then still over 4m in length (ID.3 4.26m) at the start, I don’t understand.


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