Skoda Coupe variant of the Enyaq IV comes 2021 on the street

Skoda Coupe variant of the Enyaq IV comes 2021 on the street-Skoda

With the Skoda Enyaq Sportline IV holds a traditional model variant of the Czech automobile manufacturer in the purely electric SUV model from Mladá Boleslav. In the future, another variant of the first streamer should follow, the Skoda Enyaq IV Coupe. This is supposed to find its way to the road as part of the model offensive 2021, as the company to understand the announcements of the financial figures 2020.

As part of the press conference, the manufacturer announced that, despite the Corona pandemic, just over a million cars could be delivered. However, Skoda made no further more detailed information on the mentioned E-SUV Coupe. It is only known to the fact that the model should come to the market this year. At the naming one was also restrained on the road and refers to the next variant of the Stromer as Skoda Enyaq IV Coupe. An image or sketches of the E-car have not yet been published.

In addition, a statement was made to the previous success of the Enyaq IV on the market. For this, Skoda to understand that only at the end of November in Mladá Boleslav the series production of purely battery electric Skoda Enyaq IV has begun. As the first SKODA model based on the modular electrification body from the Volkswagen Group, this looks over 20.000 orders.

Although it was not confirmed by the company, it can be assumed that the Coupe variant is manufactured with the “normal” model also on the Skoda headquarters Mladá Boleslav. With regard to the variety of battery and drive options that exist at Enyaq IV, the coupe is probably a little disappointed. What is due to the more smaller target group in this area. Therefore, one currently assumes that the e-coupe “only” is offered in the powerful and richer variants. Officially confirmed or denied this has not been.

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3 thoughts on “Skoda Coupe variant of the Enyaq IV comes 2021 on the street”

  1. Everything that man does not need. Now finally starts to build all about affordable cars, z.B. E-vehicles in class Fabia / Scala

  2. I am not wondering anymore. Every day skin of the parent company opposing messages out. The parent company is afraid that he loses the connection by his fraud policy of recent years. Three months ago, ENYAK was still coming 2023.

    Tesla comes with favorable models that even incl. the batteries are produced in Germany. That means workplaces in Germany are also generated. That should also play a role on purchase.

    The fraud company lets produce in Asia and assemble in Germany with workers from other European countries, which breaks the business location Germany. Where should our children and child children work???

    In addition, all automobile manufacturers have to pay patents for the batteries and their linked technologies, as well as software, expensive. The engineering, which Ferdinand Porsche 1890 has implemented for the first time in an automobile, was sold and is lost.

    In my last two test weeks of the eV’s I have found many serious mistakes of some so-called “eV’s”.

    1. The cars are for the most part designed as a combustion director.
    2. That means you have an engine compartment that leaves the big room. This leads due to the lack of weight to unstable, spongy and dangerous driving style, which came primarily in full braking.
    3. The ABS did not work in most cases and led to block the wheels ????? SECTION ????? This comes because of the lack of weight because the burner only developed, electric motor installed and the chassis was probably not adapted on the front axle.
    4. It’s all hotly assembled, even the batteries are simply screwed under the underbody, which is then no longer controlling rooms in which corrosion forms, simply screwed. Personally, I rate “finger away”. Only the cars that are actually offered only as eV are also safe cars in road traffic. These have a special vehicle frame, which receives the battery packs. This frame consists of a special alloy that has durability, toughness and strength as a special feature.
    5. I could not find out during the tests whether, especially with these unbalanced EVs, at least the underscocked battery packs are fluently cooled, which is now standard.
    6. Take a look at the Renault Zoe and then take one of the last weeks on the market, Z.E.g. Mazda or Hyundai Kona.
    7. By the way, Mazda had passed 2020 from the production of eV’s. Suddenly they should have developed a car? Caution, make the sample and let the car lift from the seller to the stage and take a look under.
    8. Another disadvantage of, I call her Pseudo-eV’s, which is as SUV therefore, that the space is often only for 2 people, sometimes for 2 adults and 2 children just enough. I was horrified. Outside huge and barely space.

    I advise every car check exactly. The sellers tell the “blue from the sky”

    Skoda has completed the development at once, that’s record-breaking, or another model that makes the streets uncertain. I can only advise in everyone’s own interest in to be careful when buying a suddenly appearing on the market eV’s. Repenting is not an option, means loss and dissatisfaction. This has a negative effect on the mobility transaction.
    Let’s stay confident
    love Alex


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