Skoda Enyaq Coupe IV: Several power levels, drives & aerodynamics

Skoda Enyaq Coupe IV: Several power levels, drives & aerodynamics-coupe

Skoda defends, after the successful start of the Skoda Enyaq IV, the car manufacturer now brings a second strainer on the street. This refers to itself as a Skoda Enyaq Coupe IV and is characterized by an elegant rear tail. This contributes to the fact that the air resistance coefficient with CW 0.247 is again lower than at already very good Enyaq IV. This causes the stromer even more efficient and offers with the larger battery a maximum range of 535 kilometers.

As the manufacturer is to be understood, the fully electric coupe is available in three power levels, two battery levels are available to choose from and even when the drive is allowed to choose. In this case between rear or four-wheel drive. “With our purely electric flagship Skoda Enyaq IV, a start of the international markets has made us a start. The vehicle is outstanding with our customers, already around 70.000 orders before. With the Skoda Enyaq Coupe IV we set at the beginning of 2022: This still emotional model variant of our E-SUV is a real design highlight and completes our model palette upwards “, so Thomas Schafer, CEO of Skoda car.

Skoda Enyaq Coupe IV: Several power levels, drives & aerodynamics-powerSkoda

How to understand the manufacturer in its associated message is expanding the Coupe the own range of offers around a vehicle, which offers even more dynamics for lifestyle-oriented customers. The electric car scores mainly through generous space conditions for up to five people and a 570 liter trunk. The new model variant is available in three power levels as Enyaq Coupe IV 60 and Enyaq Coupe IV 80 with rear drive or as Enyaq Coupe IV IV 80x with four-wheel drive.

The manufacturer mentions in the idea that the Coupe variant is even more efficient due to the more better aerodynamics and an air resistance coefficient of CW 0,247 compared to the EnyaQ IV. This is achieved in the variant with the larger of the two available batteries and rear drive a maximum range of more than 535 kilometers in the WLTP cycle. Optionally, a lithium-ion battery is installed with an energy content of 62 kWh, of which you can use net 58 kWh. Alternatively, there is a larger 82 kWh battery (net 77 kWh). Depending on the model, the performance is between 132 kW over 150 kW to 195 kW, at the current top model.

Skoda Enyaq Coupe IV: Several power levels, drives & aerodynamics-severalSkoda

With alternating current, the new coupe – for example, on a Skoda IV Charger-Wallbox – can be fully loaded with up to 11 kW in six to eight hours. The Enyaq Coupe IV can also be loaded at public DC fast adding stations with a charging power of up to 125 kW. On request, the IV Universal Charger is also available, a mobile charging solution with replaceable connectors. Currently we have to accept with ErlkOnig pictures. This could change in the course of the IAA 2021.

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  1. Perhaps the VW Group should first work out ongoing orders of existing models, instead of indispensing a model variant fireworks.
    Have spoken this morning with a friend from Switzerland who had ordered a Enyaq month ago, which was recently informed by mail that production would be delayed – the production date for his vehicle was KW 22

    KW 22 2022 &# 128521;

  2. “… and offers with the larger range of 535 km / h maximum range enables” class sentence, right in the first paragraph. Which journalist school was we actually?


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