Skoda Enyaq IV: a lot of performance, high range & short loading times

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Skoda Enyaq IV: a lot of performance, high range & short loading times-short

The model marks the departure in a new era for the Czech car manufacturer, so the brand with the Enyaq IV also makes the next development step in design. Emotional lines and balanced dynamic proportions connect to the first skoda based on the modular electrification device (MEB) from the Volkswagen Group with typical spacious space and sustainable driving pleasure. So much could already be experienced in advance.

Meanwhile, the Skoda Enyaq IV comes with two drive variants, three battery levels and five power levels from 109 to 225 kW (148 to 306 hp). The maximum range is given with up to 510 km to WLTP, whereby the loading times should be correspondingly short. Noteworthy is certainly the fact that the MEB stream of the Czech automobile manufacturer is the only electric car on VWS E-Auto platform manufactured in the Czech parent plant in Mladá Boleslav. This is the only MEB model of the Volkswagen Group in Europe, which rolls outside Germany from the band.

“The numerous combination options about battery size and engine performance make the modular electrification device for a perfect technical starting point for our purely battery electrical models. The MEB allows us to individually respond to the different requirements and usage habits of our customers and to develop further technically innovative Skoda IV vehicles in the future.”- Christian Strube, Skoda Board for technical development

Skoda Enyaq IV Design: Due to the special shaped

All variants of the Enyaq IV are the equal dimensions, these are: 4.649 millimeters long, 1.879 millimeters wide and 1.616 millimeters high. The wheelbase of 2.765 millimeters and the missing medium tunnel enables extremely generous space conditions with appropriate shortfall in the rear. The trunk summarizes 585 liters. However, before we come to talk about the technical data of the Enyaq IV, we risk a brief look at the design highlights.

“In our Enyaq IV, we continue our SKODA typical front identity, which is particularly characterized by the Crystal Face element. In combination with the emotional design language and the strikingly robust appearance, which also underline the big wheels, our new Enyaq IV is a real eye-catcher that sets new accents.”- Oliver Stefani, Head of Skoda Design

Skodas Crystal Face has an animated coming / leaving home function. Together with the LED modules for dimming and high beam of the full LED matrix headlights and the daytime running light strip, create a welcome effect. Definitely an eye-catcher at MEB Stromber from Mladá Boleslav. Similarly interesting, however, is the fact that one thinks not only in the electric drive sustainable.

Skoda Enyaq IV: a lot of performance, high range & short loading times-rangeSkoda

Because even in the interior, the electric car on the basis of the MEB platform on sustainability. This is at first sight in the Design Selections Lodge and EcoSuite. For example, the seat covers of the Selection Lodge strikes that they consist of 40 percent of earth wool. The wool used is independently tested and is certified according to the strict requirements of Woolmark Company.

The seats are excellent through the label Wool Blend Performance. This preserves products that contain between 30 and 49.9 percent virgin wool. The remaining 60 percent of the fabric for the seat covers consist of the polyester recycled PET bottles. Furthermore, the seat covers have a unique feel and provide through the materials used for a pleasant seat climate, according to the car manufacturer. The cognac colored leather of the Design Selection Ecosuite is produced especially sustainably. Instead of chemicals, an extract from the leaves of the olive tree are used when tanning.

Skoda Enyaq IV: a lot of performance, high range & short loading times-rangeSkoda

Not unmentioned one should let the fact that the MEB Stromber, as the first model of Skoda, uses the head-up display with augmented reality, which shares the information in two display fields. In a flat near field, which is located on the windscreen in the primary viewing area of the driver, in addition to current speed and recognized traffic signs, information of the assistance systems and navigation notes can be displayed.

The projection panel for the augmented reality area is larger and is located above on the windscreen in the field of view of the driver. It is directed to the road located in front of the vehicle, where larger symbols, for example, with directional arrows on navigation announcements, indicate the activity of adaptive lane support assistants or adaptive spacing wizard and show traffic signs or warnings.

Skoda Enyaq IV relies on two drive variants, three battery levels and five power levels

At Skoda Enyaq IV, three battery levels and five different performance variants provide sustainable mobility and driving pleasure. The MEB strainer relies on a rear drive from its basic variant. In the two most powerful models, in addition to the electric motor on the rear axle, a second electric motor is used on the front axle, the system torque of 425 or. 460 Nm is then brought across all four wheels on the road.

Skoda Enyaq IV: a lot of performance, high range & short loading times-shortSkoda

Depending on the variant of the Enyaq IV, a maximum range of up to 510 km to WLTP cycle can be reached. When the battery approaches the end, it can be loaded up to 125 kW. For example, on a corresponding powerful DC charging columns, the 82 kWh battery (net capacity 77 kWh) can be charged in only 38 minutes from 5 to 80 percent of full capacity. At home, the Enyaq IV can comfortably overnight on alternating current wallboxes with up to 11 kW energy, renewed ‘- depending on the battery size, the charging process takes six to eight hours. The Enyaq IV is also equipped with a special IV Universal Charger, which fits all common charging sockets.

You can distinguish the different models of the stromer already on behalf. So comes the Skoda Enyaq IV 50 as an entry-level model with a power of 109 kW (148 hp) driven by the previously mentioned electric motor therefore. Its maximum torque is indicated at 220 nm. With regard to the purely electric range, a maximum of 340 km can be reached in the WLTP cycle; Fired from a 55 kWh battery (52 kWh net).

A level above puts the Enyaq IV 60 from Skoda on. This brings it to a capacity of 132 kW (180 hp), with a maximum torque of 310 nm. Like the entry-level variant of the Elektro-SUV, this model variant sets on pure rear drive. The range is also slightly raised like performance. This brings the Enyaq IV 60 to 390 km reach; Fired from a 62 kWh battery (58 kWh net).

Skoda Enyaq IV: a lot of performance, high range & short loading times-SkodaSkoda

The biggest reach, from 510 km in the WLTP cycle, you get in Skoda Enyaq IV 80 offer. This has a capacity of 150 kW (204 hp), as well as a maximum torque of 310 nm. However, in this model, the Czech car manufacturers set on rear drive. The necessary energy for the progress in road traffic is provided in the case of the Enyaq IV 80 from a battery with 82 kWh (net 77 kWh).

As mentioned above, however, there are two variants with four-wheel drive. The first of the two variants presents itself in the form of Enyaq IV 80x from Skoda. As already the Enyaq IV 80 is the battery with 82 kWh (net 77 kWh) capacity is installed – this with the second electric motor on the front axle 195 kW (265 hp). The purely electric range is given in this case with 460 km.

Skoda Enyaq IV: a lot of performance, high range & short loading times-rangeSkoda

Special driving pleasure offers the top model, the Skoda Enyaq IV RS. He accelerates from the stand in just 6.2 seconds to 100 km / h, the maximum speed is 180 km / h and thus 20 km / h higher than other performance variants. As already the Enyaq IV 80x sets the RS variant on four-wheel drive and the same 82 kWh (net 77 kWh) -ku. 460 km range here are purely electrical in it, at 225 kW (306 hp) performance. In addition, the strongest Enyaq IV can take up to 1.Pull 400 kilograms of heavy trailers, a pivotable trailer coupling with electrical unlocking is available as an option.

Optional heat pump for range advantage in winter

Its high efficiency reaches the electro-SUV by well-thought-out aerodynamics, which reflects in a CW value from 0.27. But also the particularly rolling-resistive tires contribute to efficiency. Optionally, a heat pump is available for the electrical SUV, which is used for heating and air conditioning the interior. A highly efficient heat pump system compressed under high pressure refrigerant, where heat is produced, which is used for heating flowing cold air.

Thus, it is possible that in this way about 3 to 4 kWh / 100 km less energy from the battery for high-volume heating can be used. This results in winter at temperatures up to -25 ° C a range advantage of up to 30 percent compared to electric vehicles without heat pump.

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  1. he looks really good, I like it.
    Since I’m looking forward to the prices.
    Even if none of these SUVS needs there are enough the ruming.
    And just the big boxes must then be exchanged in EVS to bring about improving air quality.

    It remains exciting

  2. If I could, I would unsubscribe my MB 350 Gle DE and take the Eniaq. Looks great and technical data also looks good. From the beginning he looks almost like a BMW X5 with M package, as the grill of the wide drawn kidney comes very close and the design overall is very sporty.
    Witer so Skoda.

  3. The technical data is well received and the design looks very sporty overall . Interestingly, in this electric drive concept, the variant as plug in hybrid or the supplement with a small internal combustion engine, which can later be replaced against a fuel cell to recharge the battery during the ride to increase the range or the size of the battery restrict something (resource consumption). Otherwise cool idea, continue so Skoda .

  4. Looks good and also the values are right. Depending on the price, this could be a great success. The brand itself enjoys very big trust.
    For me, the only pity is that the car 1.88m wide is. I have 1 now.84 and I sworn, never more about 1.80 to buy. Is easy in many situations too wide – V.a. here in Switzerland. Unfortunately, more and more only the Asians occasionally make a high-quality vehicle that under 1.80 wide is.

  5. Is really a successful vehicle no question, but why everything in the world builds a SUV to the E-car.Why not based on the Skoda Scala or Rapid.The prices for this thick ship are certainly at 60-70 thousand euros.I wonder if that can be the future of nationwide e-mobility.

  6. So I find the just as a family father interesting. I have 2 children and maybe. a third. The U5 of Aiways unfortunately has too little place behind for 3 child seats. And stroller plus a few purchases will also be tight with the other small trunk. I hope there are a few more in the direction.

  7. To the statement “is the only VW electric car in Europe, which runs outside Germany”. Fierce. Even the VW EUP is not running in Germany from the band, but in Bratislava.

  8. That’s probably a joke that you write with such a SUV of sustainability because the seat covers are former PET bottles. It would be sustainable if the cars were smaller, lighter and more economical in consumption.

  9. The first eauto that “electrises”. If then the price is right and 5 years warranty on the vehicle and 8 years warranty on the battery, then I will buy an Enyaq.

  10. JOrg, do you want a smaller battery and prefer to build fuel cells in the car, no matter what this costs? This solution would also be “bulky” as a smaller battery. Yes, so buy what is offered, not only always talk about.

  11. I can only agree. Such a width is very annoying. Also with the length I can in Frankfurt Ca. Do not use half of all parking spaces. In the country but a super car. Although it can be tight here in the garage. Should I stand before?.


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