Skoda Enyaq RS: Skoda brings electric power coupe

Skoda Enyaq Coupe RS

Mixing of BMW and Tesla: Skoda brings electric power coupe

Skoda Enyaq RS: Skoda brings electric power coupe-brings
Skoda Skoda Enyaq Coupe RS

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The successfully launched Skoda Enyaq gets a dynamic brother this spring. A new top model is moving in with the sloping roof, because the Enyaq Coupe can initially only be obtained as almost 300 hp RS top version.

BMW has shown the trend towards the Coupe SUV with the X6 and the X4. Other manufacturers followed – now also with their electrical versions. The VW ID.4 got with the ID.5 A coupe brother, Audi, also donated two body variants to his Q4 Etron and now Skoda is on with his Enyaq, which is also on the MEB kit-in contrast to the four other models, but not in Zwickau, but in the Czech Republic runs.

Skoda brings electric RS model

Visually, the Enyaq Coupe does not differ from the roof line, which is slightly sloping from the B-pillar, from its normal electric brother. With 570 liters behind the widespread flap, the loading volume is hardly smaller than the 585 liters of the standard enyaq and the headfree in the rear is also almost identical despite the standard panorama roof.

Skoda Enyaq RS: Skoda brings electric power coupe-skoda
Skoda Skoda Enyaq Coupe RS

With a length of 4.65 meters, the coupe is four millimeters longer than the ENYAQ and with 1.62 meters identical. Width and wheelbase are also the same with (1.88 or 2.77 meters. There are either 19- to 21-inch bikes, matrix LED headlights and LED rear lights. On request, the striking Crystal Face can also be obtained for the Enyaq Coupe, in which 131 LEDs illuminate the vertical ribs and the horizontal bar of the grill.

Skoda Enyaq RS: Skoda brings electric power coupe-skoda
Skoda Skoda Enyaq Coupe RS

The new coupe model variant is available for the market launch alone as a RS version with 220 kW / 299 PS / 465 Nm, which is still over the previous top model ENYAQ 80x with 195 kW / 265 PS / 425 Nm. But in autumn, the Enyaq Coupe should also be offered in the weaker IV60 and IV80 performance levels with 180, 204 and 265 hp.

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Skoda Enyaq RS: Skoda brings electric power coupe-skoda

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300 hp and all -wheel drive

Since the CW value is cheaper at 0.23 than with normal ENYAQ, there is a maximum range of 535 kilometers for the version with the 82 kWh battery package. In contrast to the normal enyaq models, where the propulsion is already at 160 km/h, the RS-Enyaq as well as VW ID may.5 GTX and Audi Q4 e-tron 50 Quattro drive 180 km/h fast before the electronics slow down the car. The space available is just as different from normal ENYAQ as the operation. As standard on board, the central infotainment display with a screen diagonal of 13 inches and the only 5.3-inch digital cockpit, which can optionally be supplemented by a head-up display with augmented reality function. There is no official prize yet, but the new top model of the Skoda Enyaq RS Coupe should be just under 60.Start 000 euros.

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Skoda Enyaq RS: Skoda brings electric power coupe-skoda

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11 thoughts on “Skoda Enyaq RS: Skoda brings electric power coupe”

  1. Ohje,
    You saw it coming after the classic BMW kidney was abandoned at BMW, from … You have seen it coming after the classic BMW kidney was given up at BMW, current Skoda models no longer differ from the front from BMW. On the contrary, the nicer kidney is now coming from Skoda. The side liners in turn comes from its own group and ties in (albeit pumpier) to the old Skoda & Audi Coupes.

  2. The imitation of the Tesla form…
    Unfortunately, it will not lead to Tesla from the vehicle to make efficient competition. Unfortunately there is still a lot missing. If you want to drive 600 km with the lowest possible power consumption, you have to wait longer for the VW group (incl. Skoda) is too far.

  3. Oh Mr. Hutzler
    There are much more reasons to choose a vehicle than the pure efficient. In addition, Tesla is no longer the absolute benchmark in terms of efficiency, there is absolutely nothing on the electric car where Tesla would currently set the yardstick.

  4. The side line,
    Is clearly a Tesla Model Y. Front typical Skoda. But the rear deserves more Pep, Kia and Co can do that.better. The interior, on the other hand, is fancier than in ID models. There is nothing to complain about at Skoda about the processing quality. If the range brings what is in the report, then nothing stands in the way of success. The only drawback in Germany is then a good expanded store network with a simple payment system. Germany should take a role model on the Benelux countries.

  5. Yes
    I also see that too. I also think that the car will sell. And as far as the payment system is concerned, well, it will still take a long time to find something suitable on a broad front. Because wherever the German state has its fingers in it, it often becomes illogical and tough. Comes time comes advice, that will also solve resourceful heads. At least I hope so.

  6. optics
    If I should get a petrol/diesel/hybrid petrol or hybrid diesel, then I sit in the car, the look is relatively irrelevant, should only distract my head anyway if you hear from many sides and read how beautiful the car is still. Or did someone try to walk around the car for 3 hours because of the beautiful look, then got on and drove for 10 seconds? Nowadays everything is subordinate to the CW value, beautiful individual cars of the 70s, 80s, 90s have been made so expensive, not only the tax also increases insurance in the old cars so that nobody buys the environment anymore, everyone is Under a ceiling, abnormal system what is going on. Well, hope that many no longer join this hype, it will never be cheaper

  7. Wrong Mr. Nabentuer
    Obviously they don’t have a lot of humor, or. do not recognize that either, or? How you connect this to the interior does not really open up. You wrote you the optics would not care, so my comment. No, for me it is certainly not just the optical, both in humans and machines. But it also counts. What use is it if you don’t like to see something.

  8. Chic !
    Probably meets the current zeitgeist of many at least the optics. Cline the ones who curse everything that is larger than a shoe box anyway….. With a real engine, it would certainly be a sales racer. Maybe there is no "Special edition ?"

  9. The vehicle has sure…
    a "right" Motor just no antiquarian that burns liquids and emits CO2 and pollutants. The problem is rather the lack of efficiency. VW has to change its kit quite a bit.

  10. Guarantee of success
    I don’t drive a product from the VW Group myself, but Skoda has just had an enormously positive development for the last two decades. I assume that this model will sell very well. Schick designed with everyday ranges at affordable prices. The top model stops in terms of price where it starts with some other manufacturers. In this respect, certainly a direct hit. Already funny how there are people who think the German manufacturers (Skoda is ultimately VW) could not keep up. A huge fallacy.

  11. Especially with the currently high electricity prices…
    a chic design and a range of everyday use are not sufficient. An electric car must also be efficient and I have severe doubts that the Tesla level is even approximately reached.


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