Skoda Enyaq Sportline IV: Stromer in sporty design

Skoda Enyaq Sportline IV: Stromer in sporty design-stromer

With the Skoda Enyaq Sportline IV holds a traditional model variant of the Czech automobile manufacturer in the purely electric SUV model from Mladá Boleslav. Black body applications, large alloy wheels and a lowered sports suspension give it a self-confident appearance and emphasize its dynamic driving characteristics. In the interior, a sports seat with integrated headrests, a three-storey leather multifunction sports steering wheel and decorative inserts in carbon look the ambience.

Skoda will offer the sports line version in three variants. The Enyaq IV 60 has a 132 kW electric motor on the rear axle and a maximum torque of 310 nm. The battery with a capacity of 62 kWh (net 58 kWh) enables a range of more than 400 kilometers (WLTP). In Enyaq IV 80, which comes with the larger 82 kWh battery (net 77 kWh) over 520 kilometers far, the rear engine 150 kW makes. The Enyaq IV 80x also has this battery. Thanks to its second electric motor, it has four-wheel drive, powered 195 kW and mobilizes a torque of a maximum of 425 nm. Its range is 500 kilometers (WLTP).

As standard, the sports line versions have a sports suspension and LED matrix headlights. The top speed is for all models at Tempo 160. For sporty appearance wear striking barbecue, roof rail, rear diffuser and sturdy side skirts. Optionally, up to 21 inch wheels are possible.

Covers and headliners are mainly held in black. CARBON OPTIC’s decorative strips on the instrument panel and in the door panels optical accents. The Design Selection Sportline also includes exclusive black sports seats with integrated headrests. Pedals in aluminum look underline the look.

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3 thoughts on “Skoda Enyaq Sportline IV: Stromer in sporty design”

  1. Nice that at least the “flair” is sporty.
    For the highest speeds of various OEMs, the topic discussed by the Germans is thus discussed High speed on highways so to say introduced through the back door.

  2. Sports line? For a vehicle, which is controlled at 160kmh and is actually a classic family coach (meaning not departing!)? Honestly, why I consciously buy a vehicle, which as SUV offers the convenience of a higher entry and still the practicability of a station wagon to take a deeper version then?

  3. Unfortunately too slow. The models are not mature anyway. But the worst are the environment rape in South America countries. That’s why I say no to electric. What better like my Skoda Kodiaq RS builds Skoda never again anyway


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