Skoda Enyaq: The first electro-SUV lists on this name on MEB basis

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Skoda Enyaq: The first electro-SUV lists on this name on MEB basis-electro-suv

Skoda Enyaq: Thus, the first electrical SUV of SKODA, which is based on the modular electrification device (MEB) of the Volkswagen Group in series. Furthermore, the car manufacturer with the Stromer establishes the beginning of a new name family. This understands the ‘e’ as an indication of electromobility with the characteristic, q ‘on behalf of the successful Skoda SUV. Already 2020 Skoda wants to go with the new Enyaq the next big step into the new era of electromobility.

Skoda Enyaq – as a source of life

The name of the new E-SUV is derived from the Irish word, Enya ‘. This means as much as, source of life ‘. Enya itself comes from the original Irish word, Eganbe ‘from, which stands for, essence’, ‘mind’ or ‘principle’. With these different meanings of the word in mind it becomes possible to throw different perspectives on the SUV.

Skoda itself it sees that the e-SUV symbolizes the start of the automobile manufacturer into the new age of electromobility. But still in line with the Skoda brand core, Driven by Inventive – Clever Ideas Since 1895 ‘stands. It is safe: “‘Enya’ is authentic, characterful and lively, easy to pronounce, remains in memory and fits perfectly for the beginning of a new era in the 125-year history of history.”

“It’s the first model of Skoda, which was built as an electric car from the beginning, which means a real breaking point for the entire company. And we also want to extend the emotobility to the greatest possible customer group, so we strive for this most popular car shaft.”- Alain FAVEY, SKODA board member, responsible for sale and marketing

Enyaq follows the well-known SUV nomenclature of Skoda

Like the names of the successful Skoda SUV models Kodiaq, Karoq and Kamiq, who relate to the language of Inuit living in northern Canada and Greenland, connects Skoda the future purely electric vehicles on MEB basis with the Irish language in a northern and Mythenum Wobby Region. The ‘e’ at the beginning of the name stands for electromobility, the ‘q’ in the end represents the unique connection to the virtues of a SUV.

With the Skoda Enyaq is now determined how the first production vehicle of the Czech brand is called based on the modular electrification device of the Volkswagen Group. The E-SUV is next of over ten electrified models in the starting holes, which come to the market until the end of 2022 under the umbrella of submark Skoda IV. Currently, the Czech automobile manufacturer assumes that by 2025 with a sales share of 25 percent of purely electric vehicles and models with plug-in hybrid drive.

E-SUV convinces with technical data

To the history of the vehicle: In 2018, we reported that from 2020 the series version of the study Skoda Vision E starts. This E-car of the company will also provide the base for a particularly athletic RS model with e-motors. The E-car is built on the MEB platform of the Volkswagen Group. Could be pre-ordered in the course of 2019 as Skoda Vision IV, but actually runs as Skoda Enyaq from the band. Like Bernhard Maier, CEO of the car manufacturer, confirmed: “Today I Have Big News for You: The Skoda Vision IV Has Become the Skoda Enyaq! This Is The New Name Of Our First All-Electric Car Based On The Volkswagen AG’s Modular Electrification Toolkit.”

The dimensions of the Skoda Enyaq we do not want to leave it unmentioned: 4.665 millimeters length, 1.926 millimeters wide, 1.613 mm height and 2765 millimeters wheelbase. Optical accents are set from the outside through the sheer 22-inch wheels, which optically even increase the presence of the vehicle. The E-vehicle is powered by two electric motors – one on the front and one on the rear axle. This becomes the Enyaq to the all-wheel drive. The two E-engines bring a total output of 225 kW (306 hp). From zero to a hundred should go in 5.9 seconds, maximum 180 km / h are possible. As is known, the flat 83 kWh lithium-ion battery is installed in space-saving in the underbody of the vehicle and allows a range of up to 500 kilometers to WLTP cycle. 80 percent of the energy store can be recharged according to Skoda via fast charging within up to 30 minutes.

By 2021, the automobile manufacturer invests two billion euros in the development of electrified models and building a holistic and networked ecosystem for modern and environmentally friendly mobility solutions.

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  1. The data sounds very good (Broallem the 500km from 83kWh for a SUV). Sounds like the MEB Platform really lead to the VW Group can lead to attack on Tesla. Of course, the price would be interesting. If the box also again 80.000 € costs, you have not won a flowerpot. But would not be the prize segment of Skoda.

  2. In Norway there are already more accurate information about the vehicle and you have been reserved since 2019.
    The current data is very inaccurate – the Norwegian considerably more accurate.
    There is also a variant with pure rear wheel drive as well as an AHK with 1600 kg trailer load.
    The prices should be at 35.000 Euro start (but not with the fat battery)

    So just as a guideline


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