Skoda fully sets “on the pure e-car”

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Skoda fully sets

Thomas Schafer, CEO of the VW brand Skoda, spoke in an interview with the Autogazette about the effects of the semiconductor crisis and which strategy Skoda is pursuing e-mobility.

Because of the semiconductor crisis Skoda had to stop the production for a week, so Schafer. “But we will endure this crisis, Skoda is very resistant,” says the brand chief, who briefly crims the scarcity of so important components as follows: “At the beginning there was an order bubble, which was also due to the Corona pandemic”. There were also a few more things: “Just think about the stuck tanker in the Suez-Channel, the fire in the chip factory in Japan, the failure of chippage in Texas or the failure of the chipp production in Malaysia through a storm of chip production in Malaysia by a Lockdown.

Every year, Skoda will therefore be around 100.000 cars can produce less than planned. Nevertheless, as in the past year, the Czechs want to deliver more than one million vehicles. A vehicle is currently in focus of efforts: “We are currently doing everything to endanger the startup of the Enyaq IV,” says Schafer about the latest Stromber from Skoda, which arrives with the customers “very well.”The 70.000 Orders currently available would have exceeded expectations.

The coupe version of the Elektro-SUV should debut in the coming year. Whether their market start moves because of the chip crisis? “If there are a delay, then only a few weeks,” says Schafer in the interview. Nothing will change to the fundamental plans. Skoda assumes that in the future around 20 to 30 percent of the Enyaq series is eliminated with the more sleek coupe.

“We put perspective full on pure e-cars”

Skoda‘s original planning for the startup of e-mobility looked before reaching an electro-share of 50 to 70 percent by 2030. Schafer is currently expecting “that we will approach the 70 percent by 2030”. Over the past two years, the topic “enormously accelerated. And I do not expect it to slow down again “. If it is necessary, for example through political requirements or higher customer demand, Skoda can also “re-adjust accordingly”, according to the brand chief: “We can certainly be a spout on this 70 percent.”

Perspectively set skoda “full on pure E-cars”, explains Schafer. Plug-in hybrids are currently “important for fleets”, which is why the Czech brand offer the drive at Octavia and Superb, “but other vehicles will not follow. That makes no sense for us, “says Schafer:” Our future is the pure e-car “.

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4 thoughts on “Skoda fully sets “on the pure e-car””

  1. Stupid, when the VW Group in the Corona crisis in typically German OEM arrogance, it simply terminates existing chip contracts on one side and afterwards, if the chip manufacturers have meanwhile found other customers.
    Still stupid will be if you then one then a 50.000 € Teur’s car can not sell because a chip is missing for € 0.50.
    Again, the grandmother comes back in front of the case – History Repeat &# 128521;

  2. In other words Skoda, the next 8 years wants to brake the electrification as far as possible. It can not be that by 2030 only 50% is changed. The market would create that in half time. But at VW you want to brake with all agents, prevent and continue to earn money with burners. Pr al alone is not enough.

  3. Unfortunately, the mother-fraud Group stands.
    So it will continue to be a car in the long run

    • “Items from China”,
    • With the support of a human resourceing system,
    • assembled in Europe,

    Here, a system of greedy, inhuming board bosses and shareholders is supported.

  4. Skoda has done almost everything right! However, I assume that VW, whose ID4 has so far been commercially available to the world markets, will make the further success of the Enyaq on the European market the Czechs as difficult as possible. With views of the world market, it has been shown that the Chinese are apparently preferable to buy manufacturers, which also software, ie an intelligent IT networking of their vehicles can. Here the VAG Group is definitely still in the child shoes! Not only Tesla, but now the Chinese themselves refer the VW Group here on the places. A Hohn, on the other hand, the announcement of VW, in the future just with software to score. Probably that simply means that the customer is asked for every so insignificant software feature strong to the cashier. Even the otherwise very good Enyaq of Skoda is only exhausted by software errors, which after my impression probably usually massibly lead to the failure of expensive paid assistance systems. As long as customers simply accept that, let’s not surprise when model cycles are getting faster, test phases ever shorter and the long-term test is generally upgraded to the customer.


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