SKODA introduces the SUV Enyaq IV as the first MEB electric car

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SKODA introduces the SUV Enyaq IV as the first MEB electric car-first

With the new Skoda Enyaq IV, the Czech automakers makes another step in implementing his electromobility strategy. The first SKODA series model based on the modular e-drive modular (MEB) from the Volkswagen Group connect brand-typical virtues such as a generous space and emotional design with sustainable driving pleasure, so the manufacturer in a current message. The battery depends on the requirement profile in three sizes and five power levels to choose from. The production of purely battery electrical SUV takes place in the Skoda parent plant in Mladá boleslav. This makes the EnyaQ IV in Europe as the only vehicle on this platform outside Germany.

“The Enyaq IV marks the beginning of a new era for Skoda, he is the figurehead of our e-mobility offensive. With him we make e-mobility thanks to high ranges and short loading times clever. At the same time, the Enyaq IV lifts the typical Skoda virtues such as superior spatial offerings, the forward-looking design and the highest level of functionality on a new level. Our first pure E model based on the modular electric power box of the Volkswagen Group arises from us in the heart of Skoda, in the paradt Mladá Boleslav. An important step towards the future security of the site and jobs in the region.”- Bernhard Maier, CEO Skoda car

The first MEB series model of Skoda is well prepared thanks to ranges of up to 500 kilometers in the WLTP cycle and short loading times for long distances. Conceptually, the good 4.7 meter long SKODA Enyaq IV offers other ways in room layout and thus more space for passengers and luggage with compact dimensions, with a trunk volume of 585 liters. The interior is completely redesigned, while the design is as emotional as modern. In addition, the Enyaq IV offers modern connectivity and infotainment solutions.

Already with the world premiere this year, advance sale also starts, the series production of the Skoda Enyaq IV should begin at the end of 2020. The market introduction is expected to take place in early 2021. A specially equipped and visually differentiated, Founders Edition ‘is limited to 1895 units and reminiscent of the founding of the company 125 years ago.

Two drive variants, three battery levels, five power levels

In the entry-level variants, a rear motor drives the rear wheels, so the model technically beats the bridge into the history of the automobile manufacturer. For more powerful versions, a second electric motor is installed in front to bring the torque even more efficiently on the road. In the strongest variant, the Skoda Enyaq IV attracts a trailer load up to 1200 kilograms as needed. Overall, five different performance variants and three battery levels ensure sustainable driving pleasure, drive side, depending on the version either the rear wheels or all four wheels are driven.

“The varied possibilities of the modular electric drive kit allow us to offer the perfect Enyaq IV for a wide variety of requirements and applications. In addition to the entry-level version for families, with plenty of space and function, through the frequent focus on maximum driving route to the sporty-oriented customer, which is also expected in an electrical SUV maximum performance.”- Christian Strube, Skoda Executive Board for Technical Development

The entry-level model is the Skoda Enyaq IV 50. Its lithium-ion battery has an energy content of 55 kWh, of which 52 kWh can be used net. The electric motor in the rear is 109 kW and the maximum range is up to 340 kilometers. At 132 kW strong Enyaq IV 60 with a 62 kWh battery (net 58 kWh), the electricity is enough for up to 390 kilometers. About the largest range of up to 500 kilometers in the WLTP cycle, the rear-driven Enyaq IV 80 has 150 kW.

Its battery with 82 kWh (net 77 kWh) is also installed in the two versions with a second electric motor and four-wheel drive, which afford as 80x and VRS 195 kW and 225 kW. The top model reaches the brand of 100 km / h from the stand in 6.2 seconds, the top speed is 180 km / h. The maximum range of both four-wheel versions is up to 460 kilometers.

SKODA introduces the SUV Enyaq IV as the first MEB electric car-skodaSkoda

The Skoda Enyaq IV offers three different charging options. In addition to the household 230V socket with 2.3 kW alternating current, the vehicle can be easily charged at home at home overnight at wallboxes with up to 11 kW. Depending on the battery size, the charging process takes six to eight hours. As a third charging option, the vehicle can be connected to fast load columns with DC and up to 125 kW charging power. Here, ideally, the battery of the Enyaq IV invites you to 80 percent within 40 minutes from 10 to 80 percent.

As a highlight of the new Enyaq IV Prieist Skoda the newly designed interior, which aims to provide a completely new room feel. In addition, the vehicle offers modern connectivity and infotainment solutions: The driver receives over a free-standing, central display with a size of 13 inches and on request via the head-up display with augmented reality all relevant information, which is due to a permanent online connection always be kept up to date. With its generous space, which should convey in the interior lounge character, and a 585 liter trunk trunk is the SKODA Enyaq IV predestined for families and lifestyle-oriented customers who are just as fully suitable for everyday use and sustainable electric vehicles.

SKODA introduces the SUV Enyaq IV as the first MEB electric car-introducesSkoda

With the Enyaq IV, Skoda also introduces a new concept for the interior. For the first time, sustainable materials come in a production vehicle, such as.B. Olive leather, used. Depending on the individual taste, customers can also choose from differently designed living worlds.

With the Enyaq IV, Skoda continues its way into electromobility, which started at the end of 2019 with the electrician Citigoe IV electric carcass and the plug-in hybrid Superb IV. Between 2019 to the end of 2022, more than ten electrified IV models are planned as part of the model offensive. Overall, Skoda Auto invests two billion euros in the development of electrified models and the development of a comprehensive ecosystem for new mobility solutions as part of the largest investment program of the previous company history.

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6 thoughts on “SKODA introduces the SUV Enyaq IV as the first MEB electric car”

  1. What’s going on in the VW Group?
    The Enyaq will be released on the media before the ID.4 was presented?
    Is this a mistake, a Czech impudence or upper-guided corporate strategy .. ?

    I can already think where the differences in the parallel model ID.4 and Q4 will be: higher charging power, slightly higher top speed, noble equipment – and the smallest battery is missing but maybe one is located above, which reaches just under the 600 km.
    And of course noble equipment – a bit more climate at the extras.

    Everything of course conform. But somehow Audi / VW have to justify the higher prices.

    At 35.000 Euro before promotion you have to get to.

    To Enyaq. If he really comes to the market with the data and the lactic start prices then it is the absolute price-power hammer. This is cheaper than many small cars of the competition and that can not take 1200kg on the hook and have a tiny trunk and behind the children can only sit stacked.

    VW already draws the price card pretty early to bring the mass sales. What was the goal: BEV world market leader.

  2. I think the skoda reacts here to lose the connection.
    There are already 2 models from China with identical performance data to Europe, ByD + Aiways.
    And that probably thought earlier than the European corporations …

    Thus clear announcement, Skoda wants to mix there ..
    VW himself could do it, they just do not want. This is still burners on the Group area for the next 2 years … you just want to sell ..

    Well, we’ll see what the creators think about the Chinese as long as possible asu brakes ..

    It remains exciting

  3. If Skoda is similar to the room offer etc. As with the burners, the ne exciting thing. The form also does not look up and in the design Skoda has not been a handle in the toilet last years.
    Of course, it would be exciting where the version with the big battery lands. 35.000 € are probably the small battery. But even that is already good for the vehicle size.

  4. Skoda presses. Great. A car for the people. Is that a slap for VW or strategy? Everything is possible and no one knows exactly. But attention was today this is just a … a la vw stop. Say about it and maybe you deliver something then. As long as many burners are produced as possible and demands state aid for it. Does not go up somehow.
    Forward Skoda. thumbs up.

  5. Will probably be a giant disappointment, barely different from Kodiaq or Tiguan. The Vision IV is the mass of the hammer, I would have bought immediately. But this looks like boring and discouraged unity porridge. The CEO of Skoda even said that external of the IV was 95% production. If that was not lied?

  6. I ordered a Hyundai Kona E.
    What is presented by Skoda / VW, everything sounds very tempting. But we are honest: already drives something from the new technology from VW outside.?
    The cancellation and want to give their customers until their technology finally works (software) and Merge not as you can run away from customers for competition, already the 2. Or 3. Generation E-car in the market.


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