Skoda invests around 32 million euros in charging columns for electric cars

Skoda invests around 32 million euros in charging columns for electric cars-euros

Overall, Skoda, in the coming four years, invested two billion euros in the 2025 strategy in the development of electric vehicles and new mobility services, as we learned in early February. Now around 32 million euros will be stopped again to install charging columns for electric cars on the three Czech works by 2025.

Already last year, the company has invested 3.4 million euros in the expansion of internal electrical internal infrastructure at its headquarters in Mladá Boleslav. This will look back on more than 300 charging points in the test operation. Now it became known that until 2025 the construction of an internal loading infrastructure with almost 7.000 charging points in and around the three Czech works Mladá Boleslav, Kvasiny and Vrchlabí is planned. The charging pillars are mainly available to the employees of the Czech car manufacturer.

“The future of Skoda is electric. By the end of 2022, we will bring more than ten electrified models to market. In 2019, we start with the Superb with plug-in hybrid drive and the purely electric Citigo. In parallel, Skoda also invests in the infrastructure: In the coming years we build up to 7.000 charging points on the factory grounds as well as the employee parking spaces.”- Bernhard Maier, Skoda Auto CEO CEO

The experiences from the investment last year will benefit the automobile manufacturer for the future. In 2018, around 3.4 million euros were invested in the expansion of the charging infrastructure on the factory premises. 1.65 million euros have flowed into the modernization and expansion of the electricity grid, while another 1.75 million euros for the installation of more than 300 charging points has spent. Among them are more than 220 AC (AC) and more than 80 modern DC charges (DC).

Now you want to expand your own shop network and up to 2025 to almost 7.Expand 000 charging points. For Skoda, this is equivalent to an investment of around 32 million euros. Around 3.600 charging points should be installed directly in the works, another 3.100 e-loading points are added in your area, which will be available to all Skoda employees.

“The preparations in production run in all areas in full swing. We already have 11.000 employees in the field of e-mobility trained. In addition, we invest in the infrastructure of our works and its surroundings.”- Michael Oeljeklaus, Skoda Auto Executive Board for production and logistics

You can thus hold: Even with Skoda you make serious in terms of e-mobility. In 2019, the first models with electrified drive should come on the market. First, one starts partially electrified with the Skoda Superb with plug-in hybrid drive before a purely electrical version of the Skoda Citigo is followed towards the end of the year. The Citigo is set up on the basis of the VW e-up, with a target range of 300 kilometers, but this brings significantly more range than his VW counterpart.

In 2020, the series version of the study SKODA VISION E starts. This company is also the basis for a particularly athletic RS model with E-engines, how Car Express from Skoda has learned. The E-car is built on the MEB platform of the Volkswagen Group. With regard to the range you have placed over 480 kilometers in view, the E-vehicle is priced by the 32.Move 000 euros.

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  1. Now Skoda also starts with the electric ray. No one sees that electromobility is not practical and too expensive. Coming soon, we are not dependent on the Arabs (oil), but some, few parts of errors from Africa, where there are the metals for the batteries. In addition, everyone knows the problem with batteries who are becoming weaker after 10 to 15 charges. This also applies to the autackus, and then …clearly buy new or lease for a lot of money. In addition, the extremely reduced range comes when seat heating, light, climate is …Nobody speaks about that. And then there is still the long charging time … practical and suitable for everyday use the electromobility will not be so. But that is welded to the citizens and drivers! Electromobility is a gigantic economic promotion project at the expense of motorists and taxpayers. Nobody has the courage to properly explain this huge deception project to the citizen.
    The true technology for locomotion is long since, but not so profitable for the aotovess: hydrogen and fuel cell. Here comes the power for movement from the water!!! To transition, modern diesel or older diesel would be suitable with cheaper retrofitting and gas vehicles.
    When there is finally politicians who have the courage to tell the real truth and how we can actually drive environmentally friendly and cost-effective car ..????
    Again: The technology is long since, only has to be developed instead of electricity!!!!


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