Skoda launches series production of electric car Citigo-e IV

Skoda launches series production of electric car Citigo-e IV-series

The automaker Skoda has started the electrification of its model range: recently ran in the Volkswagen plant in the Slovak capital Bratislava the first Citigo-e IV from the band. The emission-free cityscape, which deals with the e-up! The platform shares by Volkswagen is the first battery electrical model of Skoda. The fifth door achieves a practical range of up to 260 kilometers and enthusiastically excited high torque and dynamic performance, so the manufacturer in a current message.

The energy store serves the emission-free cityscape, whose basic version 20.950 euros costs a lithium-ion battery with 32.2 kWh usable net capacity. It feeds a 61 kW (83 hp) strong electric motor, whose torque of 212 nm is already available when starting. The front-driven Citigo-E IV moves from 0 to 100 km / h in 12.3 seconds, the intermediate sprint from 60 to 100 km / h he manages in 7.3 seconds, as a top speed 130 km / h to be booked.

If the battery is fully charged, the Citigo-E IV moves under everyday conditions with a battery charge up to 260 kilometers. As a small emission-free vehicle with above-average space for passengers and luggage, the Citigo-E IV is perfect for inner-city trips. For compact dimensions of just 3.6 meters in length and 1.6 meters wide, it offers enough room for four occupants. The volume of the luggage compartment can be increased by folding the rear seat back from 250 to up to 923 liters.

“With the production start of the Citigo-e IV we reach a new milestone in the history of Skoda: It is the first battery electrical model of our brand and convinces with many practical advantages and a very high manufacturing quality.”- Michael Oeljeklaus, Skoda Executive Board for production and logistics

Striking exterior indicator of the battery electrical version is the largely closed Skoda Grill, largely closed Skoda. For this, the Citigo-E IV carries the Skoda lettering in single letters on the rear and IV plaques. Nebelluchen and LED daytime running lights are part of the series scope, on request, the turnover look is available.

Skoda offers Citigo-e IV exclusively as five-door in the equipment versions ambition and style. In addition, customers can order several attractive packages. The equipment package function 1 for example includes multimedia holder, waste container and network program in the trunk. With the comfort package, the users can enjoy heatable front seats, six speakers and park sensors behind. The equipment package Comfort Plus belongs so pleasant features such as heated windscreen, heated front seats, light and rain sensor, coming home and leaving home function, flesh light for fog lights, parking sensors rear and six speakers.

A standard driver and deactivable passenger airbag as well as head-thorax side airbags stand for a high passive safety level. The lane assist (Lane Assist) is also part of each Citigo-e IV for standard equipment. A look at the group sisters: Seat Mii Electric as well as VW e-up! we have already risked.

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5 thoughts on “Skoda launches series production of electric car Citigo-e IV”

  1. The price of such a doghouse ashamed you what you will see as you sit on the boxes is not a normal Ootto consumer can afford something like that

  2. We have a SEAT MII year 2013 and superior to change to one of the 3 E models (UP, MII or CITIGO).
    By the, very likely, upcoming state premium, it is actually interesting, otherwise the extra charge is currently a lot too much.

    But what is currently the most surprised us the fact that is the fact that the cost of the car insurance in a change from our MII to a named, or one of the two sister models, sometimes completely loosely doubles and that with absolutely equal insurance protection and parameters.
    From currently about. 180 € a year, which is not even the cheapest on the market, minimum 387 € per year which in turn is the favorable on the market what I could find.
    So it is always like it is with subsidized things:
    State subsidies are not 100% at the consumer because there is always a bank or insurance to make the bags fully. Whether house building, retirement or now e-mobility.

    At Ca. 200 € additional costs only to insurance is the cost advantage of an electric car again and again. barely relevant.
    Because 200 € are at approx. 30 cents the kWh are already about. 5000 km driving capacity per year If you take the reference value of a UP in energy consumption.

    Thus, a state consecration in the form of bonuses is therefore either zero round or to have an effect without even having an effect.
    Unless you are not informed at all and runs the premium blind afterwards.

    Maybe you should take this as a topic with the insurance &# 128521;

  3. Yes and the general average price of a purchased used car was at?
    Who buys “or least most new cars? No, these are not individuals
    The Dacia Duster is also the most sold car in the German market because it is under € 20000.
    Please take a proper statistic at hand before you publish something like that.

    Without state financing, the numbers would be completely uninteresting.

    If you also call a planned industry.

  4. If in the country of the thinkers and inventors, already given as much diligence and doubts in the introduction of the computer and the Internet, as currently in the acceptance and development of electromobility, then the mounted post office and inkwatch would still be there today. Yes Perfect!


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