Skoda Octavia Combi IV in the test: price, range, consumption of the hybrid test

Skoda Octavia, with that one connects reason and yes, also a philistine. This is the end of the new hybrid octavia combi IV 1.4 TSI is striking with a lush grill and on the inside a touch of luxury. It seems that the Czechs also want customers who want a sportier family carriage.

The Skoda Octavia IV is based on the new Golf 8 platform, as the Seat Leon and the Cupra Leon do. The target group blurs the very similar cars, especially if you compare the hybrid variants Skoda Octavia Combi and Cupra Leon Sportstourer. It starts with the price of the Octavia with 39.290 euros is easy under that of the Cupra competitor (40.095 euros), continues with the very similar space and ends with its purely electrical range, which is also about 50 kilometers. And yet the Octavia IV Combi has its right to stay in the VW portfolio. Why, is shown in detail.

Skoda Octavia Combi IV: interior and trunk

If they fear that the Octavia would be seen the cheaper price compared to its golf cousin, we can calm it down. The material mix of leather and plastic is extremely successful, the seams are very clean, everything works Schnieke, forgotten is the old plastic chic of the original Octavias. We also like practical extras that our test car with the comfort package comfort&Relax offers. Because this includes, for example, sun protection roller blinds in the rear doors. We also find a cell phone holder, which you can put in the back of the headrests or optionally also a medium -arm backrest.

The space is more than sufficient and is reminiscent of SUV dimensions. There are three people at the back, the legroom is significantly larger than with the Golf 8. People over 1.85 meters height may long for a little more headroom – depending on how long their upper body fails.

In the trunk, bunking luggage up to 490 liters, who folds the shared back seat, get a total of 1.555 liters. Only shepherd breeders, hunters, large families, pensioners with mobility aids or craftsmen need so much space. In the test we couldn’t really exploit the space. The charging cable (of which is only the Schuko cable in the base price) stow in a compartment under the trunk floor. This makes sense in itself, but a lateral subject would be more useful if you have fully loaded the trunk. We would also have been happy if Skoda had given the trunk two instead of just one lamp – an annoying savings trend that other brands and manufacturers also drive.

Skoda Octavia Combi IV: range and shop

The battery of the hybrid holds around 11 kWh. This is a little less than from the Cupra Leon (about 12 kWh), but with the range the Octavia almost surprises: here it creates a good 50 kilometers in mixed traffic in relatively mild spring weather, which is still around 6 kilometers more than the Cupra Leon St.

At the Wallbox, the Octavia needs around four hours with a maximum charging capacity of 3.7 kW until it is full. At the household socket it is well over 5 hours with 2.6 kW. It’s a shame that there is no quick charging via CCS in this hybrid, it is not worth it, at Aldi & Co. To use the free charging stations during his half -hour purchase, because you hardly win kilometers. Ultimately, it remains that you charge the car at night to have its 50 kilometer range throughout the day.

Skoda Octavia Combi IV in the test: price, range, consumption of the hybrid test-skoda
Efahrer/M. Diethelm Skoda Octavia Combi IV in the test: price, range, consumption of the hybrid

Skoda Octavia Combi IV: Motorization, PS, driving dynamics

If you buy an Octavia. And that is not our test car either. It has the 204 hp, but only 1.4 liters. If you still have electricity, look forward to a very good acceleration. Ultimately, the hybrid is a cozy car for family fathers or mothers. If you really want to drive, the engine only does it with a lot of howling. The Octavia also likes to slip on the front wheel, the traction control seems to be somewhat overwhelmed with more power. In short, the Octavia is very comfortably coordinated, has a strikingly soft damping in the rear and does not like it if you penetrate the accelerator pedal and, for example, from 0 to 100 in just under 8 seconds shine. The Octavia IV is probably a counter -design to the GTEs, Cupras and Rsen of the world.

Skoda Octavia Combi IV: Consumption

The good news in advance: The Octavia is an economical car that also holds back when the battery is empty. But one after the other: If you drive Octavia in hybrid mode, he consumes 3 liters in the city estate, almost 4 liters over land. Also in our worst-case scenario test on the motorway with a constant 130 km/h in the empty battery, the Octavia is economical: 7.2 liters per 100 kilometers. That is exactly one liter below that of the Cupra Leon and Skoda Superb. Even the consumption of the Passat GTE undercuts by 0.2 liters.

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With 11.4 kWh of electrical energy, which can be loaded in the almost 13 kWh battery, this means an electrical consumption of 22.8 kWh for 100 kilometers – a good value for plugin combin.

Skoda Octavia Combi IV in the test: price, range, consumption of the hybrid test-range
Efahrer/M. Diethelm Skoda Octavia Combi IV in the test: price, range, consumption of the hybrid

Skoda Octavia Combi IV: Sorgenkind Infotainment and Wall Template

If we come to something that got us angry in the test: the hooked infotainment. Theoretically everything is available on the display that measures 10 inches in the diagonal to get information about the consumption, to be navigated or to control your cell phone with Apple Car Play or Android Auto. Theoretically. In practice it looks different unfortunately. The system often hooks, the touch keys do not react, you have to enter things somewhat cumbersome instead of turning on haptic controls. Above all, we didn’t like the cell phone integration. So we could not start as a navigation system with an attached cell phone via Android Auto Google Maps (although we like the VW’s own navigation system very much). To do this, we first had to tab the cell phone, start the navigation in Google Maps and then infect the cell phone. There were always problems with the iPhone, USB was not recognized, we had to regularly connect the iPhone. This is not not befits for a product from the VW group, here the manufacturer has to improve. After all, this is now convenient via software updates over the air (OTA) – provided such problems are recognized and resolved at all.

In terms of driving assistant, of course, it depends on which package you have booked. Our test car offered numerous extras, so that the bottom line is to a new price of just under 51.000 euros came. But what was really surprising to us: there was only an 08/15 contemporary. What we would have liked to do here exactly, Site editor-in-chief Josef Reitberger in the video tells you.

Our conclusion: more economical and spacious reasoning hybrid with noble flair

One of the most popular station wagons in Europe could be very well received in its hybrid variant. After all, you can get 39 for a basic price of 39.290 euros before funding, more than a solid station wagon, but real VW quality with a touch of luxury.

Our test car, the special model First Edition, costs just under 11, including its extras, according to the list.000 euros more, but is also with frills such as one around 1.Equipped panoramic machine roof, which can be done well, you can do without. You put around 3.000 euros in extras, but then pulls the environmental bonus of 6.750 euros, you get for about 35.500 euros a hybrid combination with a lot of comfort, a decent purely electrical range and a lot of space. One of its biggest plus points is its economical consumption. Only if you often manage long motorway routes is the diesel the cheaper, but now more environmentally hostile alternative. However, if you choose Octavia IV Combi, you have to hope that VW will regularly supply the car with software updates.

If the Octavia is too Bieder, take a look at the test for the Cupra Leon St e -hybrid – a very similar but much lively combi at an almost identical price:

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