Skoda puts the octavia rs on a leash

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Skoda puts the Octavia RS on a leash

At the Geneva Salon, Skoda is showing the youngest scion of the RS dynasty; the new Octavia RS. In order to meet the strict Co2 specifications, the top model is being fitted with a plug-in hybrid drive for the first time.

In the 1970s and 1980s, it impressed with its lightweight aluminum and GRP technology in numerous races such as the Monte Carlo Rally and the Acropolis Rally.

Skoda puts the Octavia RS on a leash-leash

Skoda puts the Octavia RS on a leash-puts

Skoda puts the Octavia RS on a leash-octavia

Skoda puts the Octavia RS on a leash-octavia

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Skoda puts the Octavia RS on a leash-puts

The Skoda 130RS is the forefather of all of today's RS models. In the 1970s and 80s, it impressed with its lightweight aluminum and GRP technology in numerous races such as the Monte Carlo Rally and the Acropolis Rally.

With the Octavia RS iV, which will be presented at the Geneva Motor Show, Skoda is breaking new ground with its RS models: A plug-in hybrid drive will be installed here with immediate effect. This may sound like a surprising change at first, but technical innovations at "Rallye Sport", which the initials of the brand stand for, have a long tradition. With the Skoda 130 RS, one of the brand's first rally cars, weight was saved through lightweight construction with parts made of aluminum and GRP, which brought decisive advantages in the race. In the second generation of the Fabia RS, which appeared in 2010, Skoda installed a mere 1.4 liter petrol engine, which, thanks to a combination of turbo and supercharging, achieved 180 hp.

Without risk to success

Since its introduction in 2000 as the first production vehicle with the “RS” lettering, the Octavia RS has managed without a great deal of experimentation. Although it was also available as a diesel from the second generation and then as an all-wheel drive in the third, otherwise Skoda did not take any risks with the basic concept. What has also proven itself so far: The Octavia RS has enjoyed growing popularity over the generations, according to the manufacturer 172,000 of the latest generation were manufactured. According to Skoda, every fifth Octavia delivered in Germany, Great Britain and Switzerland is an RS.

In view of the changes, will that now change with the new generation? Most likely not. Skoda itself has not yet revealed any details about the engine and its hybrid technology, but you can use the previous plug-in hybrids from the parent company Volkswagen as a guide. A 1.4 TSI with 156 hp and a 115 hp electric motor are installed in the Passat GTE. Together, both come to a system output of 218 hp. The SEAT Tarraco FR PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) announced for 2020 also has a 1.4 TSI with 150 hp and an electric motor with 115 hp under the hood, which achieve a system output of 245 hp with a decent 400 Nm. It can travel up to 50 kilometers purely electrically.

It's pretty safe to assume that a similar combination will be found in the Octavia RS. Stronger acceleration due to the higher torque of the electric motor and lower consumption with an adapted driving style can therefore be expected, both qualities for which the sporty mid-range car is already popular with fans.

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