Skoda: This is what the Skoda Enyaq Coupe iV looks like

Skoda: This is what the Skoda Enyaq Coupe iV looks like-enyaq

Skoda is following suit, after the successful launch of the Skoda ENYAQ iV, the automobile manufacturer is now bringing a second electric vehicle onto the road. This describes itself as the Skoda ENYAQ Coupe iV and is characterized by an elegantly sloping rear end. After only prototypes could be seen so far, Skoda is now showing what the e-coupe will look like.

Initially, however, only in the form of a design sketch, before the Stromer has its world premiere at the end of the month, on 31. January 2022 in the Czech capital Prague. As the manufacturer explains, the all-electric coupe is available in three performance levels, there are two battery sizes to choose from and you can also choose the drive. In this case between rear or all-wheel drive.

With regard to the design of the electric car, the VW Group brand makes it clear that the appearance of the coupe version of the purely battery-electric ENYAQ iV is designed to be even more emotional. Thanks to its outstanding aerodynamics, the coupe also enables even greater ranges than the SUV version. The sketches show the gently sloping roof line, the rear with a sharp spoiler lip. In addition, the body-colored side skirts and large wheels are striking. These ensure a powerful appearance of the new, four-door top model. The newly designed roof line gives the ENYAQ COUPe iV additional elegance.

The roof slopes gently backwards from the B-pillar and merges seamlessly into the tailgate. The rear view is defined by the SKODA lettering in individual letters below a sharp spoiler lip and the rear lights with the brand-typical C illuminated graphic. The car manufacturer also states that the front of the Stromer is characterized by the large, distinctive SKODA grille. Supplemented by flat, sharply cut headlights that emphasize the width of the vehicle. A unique, sporty front apron can also be seen. The new model variant is available in three performance levels as the ENYAQ Coupe iV 60 and ENYAQ Coupe iV 80 with rear-wheel drive or as the ENYAQ Coupe iV iV 80x with all-wheel drive.

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  1. Anyone who still recognizes which car it is without seeing the logo is a real car connoisseur for me.But it doesn’t matter, just copy, change a bit, the customer buys. The practical use etc. does not matter.

  2. According to Wikipedia, a coupe is “…a closed two-door car with a sporty and elegant appearance.”
    Well, at least one of four attributes applies. The Popular Sport in the background, however, is a coupe!


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