Slope on the belt: For that she is there and that’s why she is missing from the driver – experts

Only very few drivers will have noticed the small loop that is attached to some seat belts. Your function ensures more safety in road traffic – but only for the passenger.

It is attached below the belt palace – however, only on the straps of the passenger straps. Reader’s Digest asked an expert about her function. In short: the loop should make driving safer.

Energy management loop ensures more security

According to Jake McKenzie from Autoaccessories, it is a so-called energy management loop. "It is designed in such a way that it tears when it is severe […] This allows the blow of an impact to be cushioned by a few centimeters." This means that due to the impact, the belt becomes a few centimeters longer.McKenzie leads. "On the driver’s side, it is even more important to secure the driver because a impact of the head on the steering wheel can be fatal". It is therefore important that the belt does not continue to be further with the driver itself. Otherwise, the risk of life -threatening injuries would be higher.

Additional function makes life easier for the passenger

In addition, the buckle prevents the belt from slipping down and always found by the passenger in the same place. On the other hand, the buckle is prevented from moving to the inside of the car when moving and possibly ensuring unsightly scratches on the fittings or the cladding, says Grant Clelland, IT Consultant & Tech Expert at Infiniti Tracking.However, not every car has such belt loops. However, they are not less protected. As a rule, car manufacturers rely on different functions with which they are protected in the event of an accident.

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5 thoughts on “Slope on the belt: For that she is there and that’s why she is missing from the driver – experts”

  1. Belt tensioner and belt force limiter
    There are actually completely different systems for most cars. These loops are the … There are actually completely different systems for most cars. These loops are rather the exception. At least in my customers’ cars. I am an independent car master. A belt power limiter in the belt lock or wrap mechanism can even reduce the strength in modern cars much more precisely. There are also systems such as Presafe that attract the straps when a dangerous situation is recognized, abrupt ABS braking, close windows and sliding roof. One could report significantly more useless knowledge than this archaic construction of the belts… But what interests me a lot more, why do all cars become larger and heavier with every model change and the motor journalists also celebrate this?

  2. Class
    Dear Mr. Kichtig, once again beaten a completely useless comment on the net. Do you also have acidic decorations??

  3. Apart from that that the…
    … The belt shown above is not a three -point belt, so this incorporated loop has almost 30cm above the lower 3 point attachment: The red arrow in the video shows a two -point belt on the recording shock. Something like that was installed in the middle of the back of the back. Three -point belts do not have anything like this at all. Because then the loop couldn’t slide!


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