Small all-wheel drive power packs: Mini SUV with maxi performance

Small all-wheel drive packages

Mini SUV with maxi performance

Small all-wheel drive power packs: Mini SUV with maxi performance-packs
It is also sporty inside the Japanese

Small all-wheel drive power packs: Mini SUV with maxi performance-small

Small all-wheel drive power packs: Mini SUV with maxi performance
More and more mini SUVs are storming onto the market. Some of them with vehemence and a lot of performance.

The mini SUV show teeth. After the little crossover has blossomed into a trend in the past two years, the race for performance and speed has started. At least with those models that have all -wheel drive and can also bring their strength to the streets. While performance values of 200 HP and more are a rarity for conventional small cars with front -wheel drive, they are more likely to mark the lower border with the all -wheel drive SUV.
Nissan Juke Nismo, who comes on the market in mid-February. Already at first glance, the aggressive body kit of the Japanese shows that no soft-rinsed sofaer high seat for city traffic shows here. This signal effect should not only attract attention for the small crossover, but also for the entire Nismo family. Because Nissan brings his motorsport department to Europe, which has been active in Japan since 1984 and gradually trims the models of his portfolio to high performance. With the Juke, strength training starts with the well-known 1.6-liter turbo gasoline engine, which now comes to 147 kW/200 hp and a torque of 250 Nm. The sprint is completed from zero to 100 km/h in around eight seconds, a maximum of 200 km/h. A stepless gearbox ensures the power transmission. If you prefer to switch by hand, you have to make do with the alternatively offered front -wheel drive version that is linked to a manual six -speed gearbox. Prices for the Juke Nismo are not yet known, the previous top model with 140 kW/190 hp and all -wheel drive costs 25.290 euros.
Currently the only competitor for the little Japanese is the Mini Countryman John Cooper Works. The small SUV bears the typical retro features of the lifestyle brand on the outside, under the hood the top version of the 1.6-liter turbo gasoline engineer is used, which also serves in the other John Cooper models. In the all -wheeler, the four -cylinder is slightly stronger than in the front -driven minis and comes to 160 kW/218 hp. Seven seconds pass between starting and passing the 100 km/h mark, a maximum of 225 km/h is possible. The prices for the strong Countryman start at a proud 34.800 euros. The offshoot Paceman John Cooper Works, which starts in March, is likely to be at a similar level. This receives the same drive, but a coupe -tailored body with three doors and particularly dynamic appearance.
The Audi A1 Quattro also belongs in the series of small all-wheel drive packages. Although it is a normal small car on the outside, it has four driven bikes and a mighty engine. He is also considered a harbinger of a possible Q1 that could be on the market as a competition for the Mini Countryman in 2014. The A1 Quattro built in a small series of 333 vehicles is powered by the 265 hp 2.0-liter turbo gasoline engine, which among other things also fueled the VW Golf R. When it comes to driving performance, the Audi places the competition in the shade: 5.7 seconds pass up to 100 km/h, the top speed is 245 km/h. The sports car values have their price: 49.The all-wheel drive A1 costs 900 euros-as much as a well-equipped Audi A6. The production is already sold out.
The A1 Allroad and its possible Q branch may also get competition from their own group in the future. According to "Auto Bild", VW wants to launch a Polo SUV from 2016 that uses the technology of the group brother Skoda Yeti. In addition to numerous bread-and-butter engines, the Wolfsburger should also receive a 231 hp turbo gasoline engineer in the particularly sporty R version. The performance of the VW Kleinwagen family is already a decided thing, since the brand has been traveling with the Polo in the WRC Rally World Championship since this year. The all-wheel drive could also be taken from motorsport engagement.

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