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BMW has been building the electric i3 since 2013; now follows the second BMW designed purely as a Stromer from the ground up: the iX; a big SUV.


With the i3, BMW is one of the pioneers; When the compact Stromer came onto the market in 2013, e-cars were still niche products.

The i3 seemed correspondingly futuristic at the time, not only because it was built from many carbon parts to optimize weight, but also because of its design, including the doors that open in opposite directions.

The Bavarians are also giving their second pure electric vehicle a futuristic appearance: the iX. It is the series version of the “iNext” study and should be on the road from the end of 2021. In contrast to the iX3, which is based on the X3 with a conventional combustion engine, the iX was designed as an electric car from the ground up and will only be available with a battery-electric drive.

Today, an e-car is no longer a niche product – and it shouldn’t be; manufacturers need good volumes to meet strict fleet consumption regulations. Against this background, it is hardly surprising that the latest electric BMW comes in the guise of an SUV. This segment is currently simply the most promising. The dimensions of the iX are roughly based on the BMW X5 and accordingly serves the upper price and size segment.

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Accordingly, the previously known technical data are also different: Two electric motors, which do not use rare earths, have a total of 500 hp. However, the range specification is still vague; BMW puts the consumption at “less than 21 kWh/100km, the battery capacity at “more than 100 kWh”; this does not quite match the targeted range of at least 600 kilometers according to the WLTP measurement. Nevertheless, the iX seems to be relatively economical – which could not least be due to the low air resistance for an SUV. It is charged at a fast charging station with a maximum of 200 kW, which means that the battery is 80% full again in 40 minutes at best. Inside, the iX offers a completely new operating system with a large touchscreen display in widescreen format. However, the prices are still unknown.

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