Smart Concept # 1: Publishers of urban mobility – outlook

Smart Concept # 1: Publishers of urban mobility - outlook-outlook

Mercedes-Benz and his Chinese partner Geely plan, at the International Automobile Exhibition (IAA) in Munich introduce the concept version of the upcoming smart electro SUV. After we got first sketches to face two months ago, the smart automobiles co., Ltd. In mid-July a first photo of the fully electric SUV concept vehicle before. The E-SUV called Concept # 1 is the harbinger of a completely newly developed smart generation.

How to show Smart is able to show the fully electric SUV concept a concrete view of the first production model of the newly founded Smart Automobiles Co. Ltd., Global joint venture of Mercedes-Benz AG and Geely Automobile Co. Ltd. give. Furthermore, the Smart Concept # 1 show the further development of the Smart brand to a global provider of networked, battery-electric premium compact vehicles for different customer groups. Starting with the SUV, smart will enter the promising small and compact car segment.

Smart Concept # 1: Publishers of urban mobility - outlook-mobilitysmart

Nevertheless, Smart has taken care that the concept # 1 converts the smart-typical iconic design and super-compact external dimensions into a new vehicle concept. This should simultaneously represent the grown premium and high-tech claim of the brand. The future SUV is aimed with a generously dimensioned interior, especially young families who want to be sustainably electrically mobile and trendsetters of the urban avant-garde. In addition to the new design including exceptional light features, the large and comfortable interior, a high degree of networking and a wide range of driver assistance systems to the highlights of the production-related study.

Not only in terms of design change the appearance of the brand, even at the sales model you go new ways. Daniel Lescow, Vice President of Global Sales, Marketing & After-Sales by Smart Automobile Co., Ltd. To understand: “With our data-driven approach, smart will contact customers and fans and offer a transparent and comfortable Omni-Channel Customer Journey. In addition, we will support the efforts of trading partners so that they can focus on the best possible sales and after-sales service experience.”

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  1. “As part of the Joint Venture Treaty, Mercedes is responsible for the design of the new model, while Geely takes over the leadership in development and production.”

    Source: https: // www.Electric car news.Net / 2021 / Smart Outlook Design Property E-Car Free

    The published in the same article “from-top” photo

    Wolfbrecht GOsebert-mobility

    shows a vehicle that has nothing more mean with the short-built, city and parking-friendly “smart” format … but probably resembles a higher-built mini-clubman and then also four (“opposite” opening?) Doors and / or sliding door / s.

    By by, Smart ..

  2. Can you only shake the head …

    This becomes the dead birth after the Mustang e ..
    We firmly hold: The Smart brand is dissolved.

    Then Smart is coming soon from Russia ^^
    https: // efahrer.chip.DE / News / Cheap SMART-RUSS COMMISSION-IN Series-Hydrogen-Car-Plant_105567

  3. What should the scrap … The 450s had the right size, you just think of the crossfarking what was already at the age of 451 … all afterwards is only lukewarm. And a dictator box never comes to the yard!!! Not to mention the ethnic eradication of whole cultures by the Chinese dictatorship!


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