Smart Fortwo Electric Drive: Smart brings the cheapest electric car

Smart Fortwo Electric Drive

Smart brings the cheapest electric car

Smart Fortwo Electric Drive: Smart brings the cheapest electric car-cheapest

Smart Fortwo Electric Drive: In the third generation it gets serious
Smart makes you serious with the electric car: the Fortwo Eletrric Drive with a newly developed battery from Germany should go 140 kilometers, rechargeable in an hour and be absolutely affordable for 23,000 euros.

With the third generation of the electric Smart Fortwo, Daimler finally wants to be serious. From the coming year, a five -digit number of vehicles in Hambach in French should roll off the assembly line and sold worldwide. Of the first two editions, only a few more than 2000 electric cars were built, which were mainly on the move.

140 kilometers of range

For the first time, Daimler uses the small electric car batteries from their own house. The lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 17.6 kWh come from the joint venture with the chemical group Evonik and are intended to enable the two-seater a range of 140 kilometers. The batteries mark the largest development jump in the new generation. In the predecessor of 2009, the technology of E-Autopionier Tesla was still used, which made it possible for around 135 kilometers trip. In 2007, on the other hand, the first generation drove with the so-called zebra batteries, which were quite inexpensive and already offered a range of a good 110 kilometers, but escaped relatively quickly with standing vehicles. They were therefore rejected for use on the private customer market.
According to Smart, the range of the previous test customers was not necessarily the sticking point. The far vast majority of the users confirmed examinations according to which around 30 to 40 kilometers per day are covered in metropolitan areas and were very satisfied with the range of their smart. Rather, the top of the customer wish list had a higher top speed and better acceleration in the range over 60 km/h.
In the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive, the new battery works with a 55 kW electric motor, which accelerates the small car from a standing start to 100 km/h in 13 seconds and enables a top speed of 120 km/h. In addition to various future electric cars, it should also play an important role in the hybridization of the Mercedes fleet.

Control via smartphone

On the outside, the new generation can be recognized by an enlarged radiator grille, tagfahr-Leds and widened door sills. As standard, the three-door dweller comes as standard and therefore with white rims. Air conditioning includes the equipment that can be activated by mobile phone before starting driving if the battery hangs on a socket. When getting in, there is a pleasant climate in the interior. Numerous other cell phone functions have also been announced. Using a special app, for example, an iPhone can be integrated into the on -board electronics in order to then control navigation system, music system and hands -free system. In addition, the driver can display the remaining range of the battery and the loading process can automatically start with cheap electricity tariffs at times.

Quick charging in just an hour

According to Smart, the battery can be completely emptied in the electricity systems of most countries with a loading time of a maximum of eight hours – for example overnight – at the household socket or charging station. Optional is to have a quick charging function. The 22 kW board loader makes it possible to fully charge the battery in less than an hour. However, a prerequisite for this is a power cable with which the vehicle can be loaded at home or in the company at home or in a so -called wall box.

Absolutely cheap, relatively expensive

Even if the large series production starts, the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive will initially remain a less common sight. The several ten thousand units have to be divided into numerous world markets. The price is likely to be 23,000 euros. That would make it a special offer among the previous e-cars, but is a surcharge of around 8000 euros compared to a comparably equipped smart with petrol drive.

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11 thoughts on “Smart Fortwo Electric Drive: Smart brings the cheapest electric car”

  1. Is not worth it for now
    If I have a smart for around 12 t!) would buy a maximum of 6l … 100km consumed, I would drive a liter price for gasoline of € 1.80 (currently € 1.70) for (23t-12t).23000 euros. With electricity costs of € 0.40, I would have to pay an additional € 2700 with the same range (with a quick -charger approx.1T euro) 27t euros

  2. Unnecessary
    Completely overpriced small car with survival potential in the case of crash cases zero. Incidentally, electric cars would only be co -neutral if the electricity came from nuclear power, everything else is eyelash or. Consumer flow.

  3. Affordable?
    More affordable than an electrical opel for 40,000 €. However, € 23,000 for a smart? Electrical or not, a "Normal" Can’t just spend € 10,000 more because of electric. If the cars were sold for the price of a diesel, I would strike immediately! The state shoots billions abroad .. How about a allowance from the state?

  4. The right way.
    I hope in 2-3 years we will have a larger selection of electric vehicles that are no longer as expensive. Provided that the German auto industry does not oversee this further.

  5. A nice stand
    This splendid "E-class", First distributed to all retailers, there will be a consumer’s money earned. I am always happy when the range is given by the on-board computer with about 1100 km after a tank process on my company middle class car. This permanent loading and this rapidly perishable, immature, peppered and salted battery would be too annoying.

  6. What does this cost about this "half" automobile
    23000 € ?. Easier engine, no gearbox, no fuel system. This saving can be easily offset against the battery. So the vehicle doesn’t cost more than a gasoline model that is already too expensive anyway. Or may someone still want to pay prestige with the thing here?

  7. Only briefly to hold on:
    10 years ago a car for DM 45,000 was certainly not as "absolutely affordable" designated. Apparently € 23,000 for an asphalt bubble for everyone can be financed today.

  8. Partly correct
    You can not convert it 1: 1, as you only consider the annual inflation rates that cumulative interest in 10 years.


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