Smart gives outlook on the design of the future E-car

Smart gives outlook on the design of the future E-car-smart

Mercedes-Benz and his Chinese partner Geely should plan to introduce the concept version of the upcoming smart electro SUV at the International Automobile Exhibition (IAA) in Munich in September. After we got first sketches to face two months ago, the smart automobiles co., Ltd. a first photo of the fully electric SUV concept vehicle before.

The new five-door model, which is run internally under the code name HX11, is the first model developed by Mercedes and Geely together. The Smart Electric SUV is to be traded in 2022. The recording allows a view of the design language of the smart models of the new generation. How to understand the Chinese company now shows the E-SUV “a successful further development of the classic smart design”, which represents the growing premium and high-tech claim of the brand precisely.

The change of the brand is drawn by the changed exterior design of the Stromer. “Smart continues to develop, is always high-quality, emphasizes the high-tech aspect and stands for a high level of sophistication and quality,” says Kai Sieber, Head of Design Smart in the team of Prof. Dr. H. C. Gorden Wagener, one of the guiding principles during the development of the new design language.

By recording from the bird’s eye view, the large panoramic glass roof is moved to the focus. This still happens a little more strongly through the striking light wreath, which prominently prominently advances the glass roof as one of the essential design features. The light intake creates an optical effect that seems to float the roof over the body body. “The harmonious two-color combination of the glossy white paint and the golden roof is significantly contributed to the elegant high-tech look of the ESUV Concept”, so the manufacturer in his message.

Not only in terms of design change the appearance of the brand, even at the sales model you go new ways. Daniel Lescow, Vice President of Global Sales, Marketing & After-Sales by Smart Automobile Co., Ltd. To understand: “With our data-driven approach, smart will contact customers and fans and offer a transparent and comfortable Omni-Channel Customer Journey. In addition, we will support the efforts of trading partners so that they can focus on the best possible sales and after-sales service experience.”

At the same time, smart on the European market is currently expanding its high-speed presence. “We are pleased that we have successfully established branches in all major European markets and have market managers on board,” says Dirk Adelmann, CEO of Smart Europe GmbH. “We are ready to make the vision of smart for the future of urban mobility reality.”As part of the Joint Venture Treaty, Mercedes is responsible for the design of the new model, while Geely takes over the leadership in development and production.

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5 thoughts on “Smart gives outlook on the design of the future E-car”

  1. You can be curious what is actually hidden behind the PR Belaber and “Transparent and Comfortable Omni Channel Customer Journey”.
    You can see more at the Teardown of the Ford Mustang Mach-E.
    Look at the latest video from Muno live on YouTube.
    And no – Sandy Munro is not a Tesla Fanboy, like the “caught competition” likes to claim.
    Numbers and pictures speak a universal language that is not to refute by fake news.
    To all Ford Fanboys:
    – Time wants Tell – how stable and maintenance-free the Mach-e will continue in the future.
    If you last a vehicle not only 2 years, it’s “being” more important than the mere “bill” – and that will have a very big impact on the future used car market.
    Hopefully, not only the burners of the old OEMs are stacking in the future on this used car.
    &# 128521;

  2. Smart … I had the first smart as a company car … a joke to bring such a car to the market. Years later, a second attempt, still the same problems, then they have to give up and let Renault make … Bad that s not anymore. The Chinese are now making another expensive nobleman … “Smart continues to develop” … a laughing number. &# 128521;

  3. I find better could not happen to happen when you end up with the Chinese. At Mercedes, they would have been rationalized only sang and clannily anyway. That she now becomes “upgraded” is actually clear because Geely wants to come back to the invested “development aid” or even transfer. The Chinese company just wants to earn money and this time stops with the famous Smarties. I find you should give them the chance, because how much “China” is already in German cars?

  4. The original 2 seater smart was a great concept. Unique in the dimensions. Super practical in the city. Away from the mainstream.
    What is introduced now has nothing to do with it. Pity!

    Rest in Peace Smart

  5. Smart was the graund for notifying me at carsharing. If car in the city,
    then so. The same device as an e-variant, that was!
    If I’m already reading something from SUV …. Bye Bye, Smart.


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