So the new Hyundai Ioniq 7 look

So the new Hyundai Ioniq 7 look-ioniq

The new seven-sided Ioniq 7, which Hyundai wants to bring under the people in 2024, will be placed in the product range above Ioniq 5 and Ioniq 6. New renderings of AutoExpress give a small preview of how the big, pure electrical SUV could look like. A previously published by Hyundai, only timely teaser image shows the three electric cars together, wherein the IoniQ 5 at the right edge of the image provides an impression of how the models 6 (left) and 7 (center) are differentiated in design and size.

The powerful Ioniq 7 with its unusual front design is based as the two other IoniQ models on Hyundai-KIAs scalable E-GMP platform for electric cars, where widespread and wheelbase of the modular architecture can be selected relatively freely. With fewer restrictions in these parameters, the size of the battery, which must accommodate the large and heavy SUV for the highest possible range, will be a crucial factor. The reference is the wheelbase of the Ioniq 5-crossovers at 3000 mm, which is already 235 mm longer than Hyundais seven-seated gasoline SUV, the Santa Fe.

So the new Hyundai Ioniq 7 look-lookHyundai

In Ioniq 7, the wheelbase should be significantly further to improve the space in the cabin. He can also absorb a larger battery in the underbody between the axes, which helps to compensate for the extra weight of the car compared to its rather medium-sized siblings. More than 100 kWh of battery capacity could end up, which should enable the big SUV a range of more than 600 kilometers.

Thanks to the 800 volt battery architecture of the E-GMP platform, Hyundai can equip the IoniQ 7 with a 350 kW quick-load capability, which means that a range of up to 100 km can be charged in just five minutes. In view of the positioning of the 7 as a flagship, AutoExpress suspects that Hyundai could also equip the vehicle with the possibility of wireless loading. Hyundais Head of the Electrification Development Group, Chung Jin-Hwan, have already stated that the manufacturer worked and solved many problems, “which appears from nature in wireless loading.”

Since platform, battery and electric motor technology are standardized in the product ranges of Hyundai and the sister brand KIA, and many future models will be subbed from the E-GMP platform, the various models are beside the outer skin, especially through the interior design and the Define room usage. For IoniQ 7, customers should be allowed to expect an interior in the lounge style, with the highest level of networked technology, over-the-air update functionality and a comprehensive package of autonomous driver assistance systems.

Given the Size of the Ioniq 7, it is likely that the SUV could use the dual motor setup of the IoniQ 5 top model, which is currently up to 225 kW (305 hp) and 605 nm torque to all four wheels. Kia has already presented a GT version for his EV6, which comes up to 430 kW (584 hp) and 740 Newton meters. This seems more appropriate power for a seven-seat SUV like the Ioniq 7. Especially since many owners of great SUV want to use their cars for pulling trailers or caravans, for which every kilowatt can only be right. The Ioniq 5 has equipped Hyundai with a trailer load of up to 1600 kg.

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  1. Me a mystery, why so many wealthy people like to buy status symbol SUVs and thus give a statement that the environment does not matter.

  2. In such front pace, I have to think back to the famous “Family Panel Susi 2” cartoon of Loriot five decades ago &# 128521;
    Is to be agreed with the pedestrian protection regulations according to EU law?

  3. The Ioniq 5 is a very impressive car!
    Unfortunately, one develops only larger “city tank” again!
    I’m sincerely waiting for the models with the lower numbers – 1 to 4 is free!

  4. Please no bigger outside than a golf 7 and also much windmill than a SUV, with AZV and without mice cinema! O.K. I’m waiting for the sion.

  5. Phu, what a Pothery Front. Why believe the car manufacturers build cars to counter the driver a Scheunentor? Still BEV? I will never understand it.

  6. Good Morning,

    I also prefer a moderate big car, as such a tank. If you look at Hyundais main sales market, this monster makes sense … look at the rumor kitchen around Kias e-Niro successor Ev4 next year on 800V platform, I can not imagine that the group nut no brother Ála e-Kona or, Ioniq x in 2022 brings on the street.



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