So you will be able to charge your e-car at the Tesla Supercharger in the future

So you will be able to charge your e-car at the Tesla Supercharger in the future-e-car

By the end of 2021, Tesla will open his supercharger network for other automakers. This is already in work for a while and should be implemented this year. How in future you can load your electric car at the Tesla Supercharger, even if it is not a Tesla Stromer, we have collected for you. The information was communicated as part of the conference call to the latest quarterly numbers of Tesla. At the center of this is the Tesla app.

The SuperCharger network is probably the most comprehensive quick-release network worldwide. Recently, it became known that the charging power would rise to Tesla-supercharger up to 350 kilowatts. Thus, one would give the in-house fast charging stations another upgrade of 100 kW charging power. Through the Tesla app, then “foreign users” should be able to use the SuperCharger network.

A registration and the deposit of a means of payment is necessary. Access via the app is necessary because the electric cars of other manufacturers do not communicate like the Tesla models with the supercharger. Therefore, the charging process is controlled via the app. The access to the network is to be made possible on the E-automists in which the CCS standard is set at Tesla – for example in Europe. On the other hand, Tesla uses its own charging standard in the US, here an adapter for “foreign user” should come on the market. When this is the case and what the adapter should cost is not known yet.

Also unknown is the pricing of charging processes for third-party users. It only states that you are planning a dynamic pricing. This should be based on charging speed and utilization of the respective station. Thus, shorter charging operations should be examined specifically. Who charges longer pays more. Also price increase at peak times could be possible to control the utilization.

In question, for Germany, in particular, how the dynamic pricing with the specifications of the calibration law and the charging column ordinance can be brought under a hat. A few words on the history: about seven years ago, the first German Supercharger was put into operation. In the summer of 2021 Tesla Germany with the opening of the fast charging station in Illertissen south of Ulm reached another milestone and the national brand of 1.000 supercharger loading places exceeded. Unlike third-party networks such as Ionity, Electrify America or ChargePoint, Stand today only Tesla vehicles over the Supercharger network.

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6 thoughts on “So you will be able to charge your e-car at the Tesla Supercharger in the future”

  1. For Tesla owners, although there is a unique selling point and outstanding advantage, but for Tesla there is the possibility to establish the world’s leading charging station provider.
    If Tesla creates the charging costs low to keep, as is currently, this will be the absolute favorite and thus ensures pressure on the other providers.
    If then there is a good digitization in the route planning and with operation of the stations, I see the golden emobile age come.

  2. When each individual Teslafaher once a step back and the parent target:
    “To lead the world into a sustainable future”
    considered, then one should forget the emerging “shop” once and trust that with Tesla satisfies enough bright heads that have thought through this project and if necessary do not control the disadvantage of their own customers.

  3. Em&T-teams are ME The only worldwide that understood the energy / mobility transition, promote, promote and present the other directional way in a casual way .From energy production via storage, distribution and more efficient use ..
    A great chess game Mister Musk!

  4. Good advertising for Tesla.
    Who rolls with his super exclusive Mercedes EQs and then rumed around with his app in the rain, while a 40t € model 3 in seconds fast is simply simply stuffed, then buys “the current best eauto, or nothing”. &# 128526;

    if the competition is not slowly coming from the quark and ionity solidly expanded incl. Plow&Charge is closely in the premium / executive segment for the competition

    And no, I’m not a fan boy but drive Ioniq Electric

  5. As a non-Tesla driver, I am pleased to be able to load there in the future – that’s why not to depend on Gierhasse like Ionity. I can not introduce myself from Tesla that they only approximately operate such an outrageous pricing policy. By the way: had Tesla not originally offered to the other manufacturers a cooperation? … which had been rejected by the German manufacturers in their inoperial arrogance.

  6. It should also be taken into account that ionity has swallowed billion taxpayers before laying a very neat network. Tesla, on the other hand, must struggle to today, at all be recognized as a “public” charging station. Therefore, and of “official page” considered a “private club”, the “admission fee” for the “private club” should collect at least part of the lost subsidies. Tesla has been specifically kept away from the meat pots, but have stood a worldwide shop network.
    Only me would be to demand from “strangers” 5 € disposable fee per charge or go up to € 1.09 / kWh for SuperCharger, exactly the price that plugsurfing for download at ionity. Against such usury prices for download to publicly funded charging points neither the Minister of Payment, the (Schank) Minister of Economic Affairs or the consumer director minister, should not complain, so they should not complain if the deserving, which are really brought to end innovative.


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