Software error: Audi has to call back well 1700 E-TRON GT

Software error: Audi has to call back well 1700 E-TRON GT-back

Audi has started a recall for the electric sports sedan e-tron gt. At the between the 20. November 2020 to 20. April 2021 built early models could lead a software error for failure of the drive. The quantities are manageable: In Germany, 550 vehicles are affected, there are about 1730 pieces worldwide. To resolve the problem, in the workshop under the internal code, 93L3 ‘a software update of the drive control unit.

A similar action had to perform Porsche from last April at his electric sports car TaryCan and a total of 43.Join 000 vehicles in the workshops. That now Audi is affected, hardly, finally, the two group sisters in their electric flag ships share the J1 called E-Auto Platform. The Porsche Toycan and its combination variant Toycan Cross Turismo have been found since the end of 2019 or. Spring 2021 delivered. Audi has delivered the E-TRON GT since May in Germany.

If the software error occurs, the vehicle switches abruptly and without concrete occasion or warning in emergency mode, reports affected. Although the electric PORSCHE remains steering and brake, but no longer accelerates and just rolls out. This problem has occurred at 0.3 percent of all copies of the TaryCan and its combination variant Toycan Cross Turismo, ie at about 130 vehicles. Injuries or injuries is not known in this context.

According to the Portal Ecomento, Audi has not yet reclaimed a customer a similar incident, the recall achievements purely “prophylactic” for the early built models of e-tron GT. All after the 20. April built models have therefore played the current software status “in the majority already ex works”.

Although the Porsche TaryCan and the Audi E-TRON GT can also receive their updates “over-the-air”, ie via mobile communications connection. In this case, however, this is not possible. For the TaryCan, Porsche spoke out about an hour until the software update in the workshop can be completed on both main control units for the front and back e-motors. According to the image newspaper, the control units applicable as a fairly expensive component come from a supplier.

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3 thoughts on “Software error: Audi has to call back well 1700 E-TRON GT”

  1. From the article:

    “To resolve the problem success in the [AUDI] workshop […] a software update of the drive control device.”

    As far as Presence by (OTA) technology ..

  2. Short supplement to the question, “Tesla hardware or software errors”, ie
    who with his false allegations in a multi-stage Unterthread here (quote 🙂 “crazing failed“Is a mutual cut out:

    https: // www.ComputerBase.DE / 2021-01 / Tesla Motor Transport Federal Office Failure MCU /

    The Media Control Unit (MCU) of the first generation from the Tesla Model S and Model X are affected. Specifically, the MCU itself is not defective, but her on EMMC-based Flash memory with 8 GB. This is overwritten so often that after about six years of operation, it will be defective and the MCU then indicates an error message or fails.

  3. Audi makes everything right in the case.
    Cell cars recall before what’s worse.

    @ David:
    Too bad that you get down your credibility with poorly researched info.

    David, do not try to catch behind the first bush and do not try to catch the other behind the first bush &# 128578;

    I still find the David very sympathetic because he holds the flag of the German luxury brands.

    It remains exciting


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