Sono Motors announces bidirectional AC wallbox for the Sion

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Like the solar electric car itself, the "Bidi-Wallbox" will not be on the market until 2023

Sono Motors announces bidirectional AC wallbox for the Sion-wallbox

Sono Motors announces the first AC wallbox with bi-directional charging capability on. The wall charging station for alternating current is suitable for normal alternating current charging at home. But you can also use it to run the Sono Sion solar electric car Use it as a mobile power bank and transfer the stored electricity from the battery either back into the house (vehicle-to-home, V2H) or to the public power grid (vehicle-to-grid, V2G).

The wallbox is an ideal match for the Sion, as it is equipped with a bidirectional charging system as standard. If you also have a photovoltaic system on the roof, you can use more of the electricity you generate yourself. Because instead of having to buy an expensive home storage system, the battery of the electric car is simply used.

In contrast to the DC wallboxes that are already available, the AC wallbox from Sono works with alternating current. This is possible because the conversion between the direct current from the battery and alternating current for the grid (and vice versa) takes place in the Sion itself and not in the wallbox. Dispensing with the inverter makes the wallbox significantly cheaper than a bidirectional DC charging box.

Sono Motors announces bidirectional AC wallbox for the Sion-sion

The bidirectional AC wallbox only exists as a sketch so far; the design should determine the community

In order to benefit from bidirectional charging, you need a compatible home energy management system (HEMS). This decides when the Sion is charged and discharged. Which systems work with the Sono Wallbox will only be announced before the start of sales.

Regardless of the HEMS, you can set in the Sono app at which charge level the car no longer emits power. This ensures that there is always enough range available to cover mobility needs.

The wallbox was developed together with the German manufacturer Kostal. The box charges and discharges the Sion with an output of up to 11 kW via the integrated type 2 charging cable. Sono does not yet have a finished case. The price should be in the lower four-digit range. Sono doesn’t know exactly yet. But the delivery is not supposed to start until the Sion production start in 2023 anyway.

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The wallbox can fully charge the Sion’s 54 kWh battery in around five hours. With its lithium iron phosphate chemistry (LFP), the Sion’s battery is very cycle-resistant, which means that frequent charging and discharging should be less of a problem than an NMC battery. The more than 257,000 planned Sion are to become a decentralized mega storage unit through bidirectional charging, according to Sono‘s vision. The batteries could deliver electricity to the grid during peak loads (and when little renewable electricity is being generated).

Sono Motors announces bidirectional AC wallbox for the Sion-bidirectional

With the new Sono wallbox, the LFP battery of the Sion can be charged and discharged with 11 kW AC

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