Sono Motors comments on the future strategy behind the solar e-car

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Sono Motors comments on the future strategy behind the solar e-car-sono

With an innovative solar electric car, the Munich start-up Sono Motors wants to ensure more sustainability on our roads. But money ran out when an investment failed; At the beginning of the year, only a successful crowdfunding campaign prevented the project from ending prematurely. But now the Munich start-up is pushing forward again with confidence. The first prototypes have been commissioned, a preview of the infotainment system has been granted and the goSono mobility service is also getting off to a good start. Exactly the right time to take a look at the future Sono Motors strategy.

Just in August 2020, the two founders Jona, Laurin and part of the Sono team set out for Cologne, Hamburg and Berlin. In a context restricted by Corona, they wanted to give their own fans and friends an update on Sono Motors and their first electric car, the Sion. The start-up made it clear that, in order to optimally align the further development of Sion, they had also reacted to the changed framework conditions and adjusted the strategy for 2020. What this means in detail below.

Sono Motors is fully focused on prototyping

“By the end of this year we will be presenting a new prototype generation of the Sion to the world,” says Sono Motors. The first two prototypes were already created by the current partner Roding, which has also taken over the maintenance and commissioning of the prototypes within the past three years. The local proximity was and is very helpful for close cooperation.

For the future two instead of four prototypes – to save money, Sono Motors is once again relying on Roding. “The focus is on the “look & feel” and the driving style in order to be able to give you the best possible feeling for the series vehicle. Key components, such as the electric drive from our partner Continental, will already be installed in this generation,” according to information from the start-up’s current press release.

Philipp, who is responsible for the management of prototype development at Sono Motors, has also indicated in the past that the external as well as the internal appearance will be included in the change towards the 2nd generation. prototype generation. The integration of the solar cells will already look different than in the first prototype and the dashboard and cockpit will also differ from the predecessor. There will also be a reduced form of the near-series infotainment system.

“For us as a car manufacturer, the visual presentation of progress is extremely important – to convince investors and to be able to generate further reservations. That’s why we’re concentrating heavily on the prototype program for the rest of the year. In addition, we focus on testing central components of vehicle development and the further development of our unique selling points, such as solar integration and our mobility services.— Jonah, co-founder of Sono Motors

Update on testing, solar integration and mobility services

In addition to building the actual prototypes, individual components are also constantly being tested. On the test benches are currently the electric motor, the battery, the cooling system and the air conditioning system and the infotainment system, which are tested on heart and kidneys. These tests are of importance especially with regard to the production vehicle and already provide valuable findings for the series prototypes, as the Sono Motor’s team is to be understood.

As part of the tour, there is also a view of the latest advances to Solar Integration and the Mobility Services app. In the coming weeks is targeted that the tool construction is manufactured for the first scale part of the solar integration. Another important milestone for series development. It is the tool for manufacturing the front roof, which will be equipped with solar cells like all other body parts of the SION.

“Solar integration in particular is attracting more and more interest in the industry. The innovative technology enables the integration of solar cells in a wide variety of vehicles beyond the Sion. We are already in initial talks.- Sono Motors

But the specially developed mobility application continues to take on its final form and functionality. Here they are currently working on the integration into their own prototype, which will be presented this year. The focus will be on the car sharing function, but also on so-called ride pooling, i.e. taking other passengers with you. In the meantime, the Energy Services Team is working closely with the Mobility Services Team to implement power sharing, which will later also be controllable via the app.

Sono Motors: Adjusted Strategy 2020

Reducing costs and concentrating on the essentials is also very important at Sono Motors. This has already been demonstrated by the fact that the company has reduced the number of prototypes from four to two in order to reduce costs. In addition, spending will continue to be reviewed and reduced through the end of the year while markets are able to stabilize and recover from Corona. This applies, for example, to particularly costly items in vehicle development. Excluded from this are tests, such as for the validation of the solar integration and the work on the technical test benches.

“How Corona will develop remains open. We are now going into a consolidation phase, in which we will review the status quo of all areas of vehicle development in detail in order to avoid any potential impact on the start of series production and to be able to start series production as planned. We are also using 2020 for an internal realignment, which will prepare us today for the challenges of the future. Building an organization with flat structures with a strongly growing team has already been in full swing since the beginning of this year. Our goal: to promote agility and flexibility through self-organized teams.- Sono Motors

Sono Advisory Board – Start-Up gives more weight to its own community voice

As part of the strategy update, the start-up made it clear that an advisory board would be set up. The aim is to bring together industry experts who will be available to advise Sono Motors on strategic decisions in the future. A seat should also be given to a community member. Further information on this will follow promptly, as the company from Munich indicates.

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12 thoughts on “Sono Motors comments on the future strategy behind the solar e-car”

  1. The composition of the “Sono Advisory Board”, the “near-series” infotainment system, etc.etc. are completely irrelevant things.
    Now, after many years of development, the second generation of two prototypes is being built.
    Therefore, only crucial is whether and when the SION is ready for production, and whether this is possible at a price of the BSPW. can compete with the VW Trio halfway.
    Even if that everything looks good, then the Sono “Communitiy” has to raise again and raise money for production.
    So that’s a long way that is becoming more and more difficult the longer it takes.

  2. Know the at Sono Motors at all, which means the word strategy?!
    Instead of building 4 only 2 prototypes, nothing has to do with strategy.
    The financing for the step of actual mass production now to secure that would be strategic approach. But that avoids sono engine like the devil the holy water.

  3. In my opinion, Sono Motors had good marketing and a high confidence of potential buyers in this company still before about. 18 months to create an excellent starting position something that will arrive very well if it is only pursued at ambitious enough.

    However, if I have been made of what has been made from the resources and the “new” capital in recent months and will (ultimately I have only the “official” information available to everyone) I am extremely disappointed and disillusioned when I see like this Project ahead.

    Unfortunately, time is running out against this strong start project (at first glance, however, the marketing and the external presentation seem very strong).

    In my opinion, the Sion will not make it onto the market in time in 2021 either, and other manufacturers and, above all, their customers will benefit from the BAFA funding that has been increased until then.

    “The founders” can only hope that Sono Motors will still manage to get the Sion ready for the market “in time” and then have it manufactured economically.

    Then I was happy to be an unnecessary worrier.

    But in the event of failure, it will ultimately affect those people who have put their trust and savings into the balance here, paired with a lot of idealism.

  4. It’s nonsense.

    The potential buyer certainly wants nothing more knowledge of prototypes, development etc.

    He wants to buy and not only in years, but timely.

    After Sono Motors doubles around their first prototypes forever, really loses interest on this car.

    Other manufacturers continue and above all, there are already a wide variety of e-cars to buy.

    Who is waiting for Sono Motors with a completely open exit?

  5. Since now more and more global players make serious with Eautos, the air is always thinner.
    I doubt that there is another market for such a car.

    Who buys it when it’s done. A few not otherwise none.

  6. This is not a strategy, but a tactic. Cost reduction and concentration on the essentials. What did you do before? Costs increased and concentrated from insignificant? I believe immediately. Visualizing means, one uses valuable resources to advertise. This contradicts the cost reduction. So it seems to be concentrating on the essentials, to advertise more. Less product, more advertising. Sounds like helplessness with empty coffers.

    The car should be launched at the end of 2019. That would have been the right time, even if the start of series production had been delayed by a few months. Now there is no chance of launching a product that gets full funding. Solar charging is wishful thinking anyway for people who had neither physics nor the rule of three in school. The 25th.000€ is just as ridiculous as it turns out you pay 9.500€ for the battery, which was originally calculated at 4000€. That will happen, pars pro toto, with the whole car price. Then they will be 50.need €000 to break even.

    Let’s not fool ourselves: Even a large corporation with a huge purchasing volume can’t buy this car for 25.000€ sales price build.

  7. Unfortunately, after my reservation and the associated deposit I only received marketing information or was asked for more money, I have now bought a VW. I just hope that not too many people fall for these empty promises and burn their money. The media world is currently supporting the Mache enormously again.

  8. With all the many negative comments, it’s about the overall concept of Sono Motors, apps, open workshop book, 3D spare parts, sustainability right from the start.
    The Sion is for individualists, okay, never a volume product, if you didn’t understand that from the start, you should find out more.

  9. Tom, then you are probably not a technician or simply poorly informed. You also prepaid for a hitch and a thimbleful of roof top power? The e mobillity is slowly in the corridors, because of what they get to the street . And do not say that they have written off the market leaders.

  10. I think the reach of the Sion is not marketable, 500 km you should be able to drive without reloading … Should I buy a VW?

  11. Tom 1, do not understand you. Be glad to have a zoe, ID, or every other e. You do not need to change again. With rental battery, the Zoe is 20 years. Others, according to today’s state of the art, certainly so 10 years. The life of the E car stands and falls with the future development of the batteries. She walks rapidly in contrast to the combustion turbine, which has arrived at the end of the flagpole.


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