Sono Motors goes public

Sono Motors goes public-sono

Sono Group N.V., Sono Motors’ parent company, announced over the weekend that the company had joined the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) has filed a registration statement (Form F-1) for the proposed public offering of its common stock. Sono Motors intends to list its common stock on the Nasdaq Global Market under the symbol “SEV.”.

The number of shares offered and the price range for the potential offer has not yet been determined. Furthermore, in the associated announcement, the Munich-based company states that the offer is subject to market conditions and that there can be no guarantee as to whether or when the offer can be completed or to what extent or on what terms it will actually take place.

The registration form (Form F-1) for these securities has been filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission but is not yet effective. Such securities may not be sold and offers to purchase such securities may not be accepted prior to the effective date of the Registration Document. It can be assumed that Sono Motors will take this step in order to secure further financial resources on the way to the series production of the electric solar car Sion.

What has happened in the past time at Sono Motors we could report partly exclusively. Because after Jona Christians, founder and CEO of Sono Motors, other insiders of the Munich start-up unpacked and gave a look behind the scenes. Five experts from the Sono Motors development team gave an update on the status of the Sion development. We have prepared the most important developments from the headquarters of the Munich start-up for you in the previously linked article.

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3 thoughts on “Sono Motors goes public”

  1. The right move. Sono is now with the Sion where Tesla was with the Roadster in 2008. Consumers want it. In contrast to many other sectors, the investment industry has also recognized what the markets of the future will look like. Both should provide the necessary capital for series production. And the niche that Sono will occupy with the Sion and foreseeable other models has not yet been discovered by young innovative manufacturers like Tesla.

    I find in the context the Stella Vita Solar Motorhome from the Netherlands very interesting. In general, Sono could also think about a plan B if NEVS were to fail. In Tillburg, the Model S and X assembly is finished and the plant there, with its highly qualified employees, is looking for new work. VDL Eindhoven with its eBUS know-how is also nearby. The Dutch state would certainly support with funding. Tillburg is closer to NRW with the supplier industry there and the Dutch also have a lot of energy from renewable sources. Everything that Sono wants for its series production.

    And excellent infrastructure incl. Ports also speak for the NL.

    The Dutch are much more advanced in e-mobility and generally less complicated and smarter than many other European countries. They fit perfectly with Sono.


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