Sono Motors Insider: Development news

Sono Motors Insider: Development news-news

After Jona Christians, founder and CEO of Sono Motors, other insiders of the Munich start-up are now unpacking and giving a glimpse behind the scenes. Five experts from the Sono Motors development team gave an update on the status of the Sion development last week. We have prepared the most important developments from the headquarters of the Munich start-up for you below.

CTO Markus Vollmer communicates directly in advance that the start of production will be in the first half of 2023. The preparations of the production facilities for the pre-series production in 2022 and the Sion series production in the first half of 2023 are already running according to plan. Vollmer also indicated that work on the next generation of prototypes is progressing. As we know from the conversation with the founder Jona Christians, they should come to the street in the first half of 2022. Then not with two prototypes – as before, but directly with eleven electric vehicles. Contrary to the 40 mentioned in a previous report.

“We are currently taking big steps towards the next generation of prototypes. This will be much more mature than the current 2nd generation. Generation and will provide us with insights, especially with regard to validation, where we still have to tighten certain screws if necessary,” is how Markus Vollmer classifies the status of the current prototypes. He also states that the development has progressed so far that no more fundamental changes are made.

Instead, one is now in a phase in which the first components are ordered. As well as ensuring that the various components can be produced. Say, each part that is installed in the vehicle can also be manufactured and mounted. The timeline has shifted a little, since the battery, among other things, caused challenges. Since some adjustments in the installation space and at other interfaces were still necessary. In addition, negotiations with suppliers, which still have to be finalized, were a slight brake in the process.

Infotainment Director Mitchell Zarders commented on the infotainment system and the state of affairs there. All critical components could be released successfully. The necessary parts for the test stand will be delivered in good time by 01.01. Delivered December. This means that all the necessary components for the LabCar, i.e. the simulation model, will also be available. In addition, the infotainment team is being expanded and various measures are being taken to protect against the global chip crisis.

In Puncto body, Leonhard Saibel, Senior Manager Automotive Body, said the details. The feasibility of the individual parts was checked and he and his team managed to reduce the weight through various optimization processes. Further optimizations are currently pending with regard to crash performance. But there is still a small obstacle here, as the start-up reports: “The fastening concept for the roof module and the sun visors has not yet been finally confirmed. Negotiations with suppliers are still pending there. Of course, this will take place by the end of the current development phase in early December.”

Serhan Sezer, responsible for Crash & Safety, presented the Sion’s good to very good results in previous crash simulations. Serhan indicates that he and his team successfully adapted the crash targets to the new HV battery and also performed the low speed damage risk assessment. A crucial point for the later classification of the Sion in the insurance.

Towards the end, Bene Zeilberger, responsible for the thermal system, spoke out. Many takeover parts can be used in this area, from the first to the current generation. Which takes a bit of the time pressure. “The suppliers we have selected are ready for the SVC3, the current design of the system is manufacturable and has been confirmed. In this area, too, the larger HV battery means more work, but this is being successfully managed with the help of new colleagues,” says Zeilberger.

In addition to the points listed here, other things were discussed and presented. If you want to know more watch the video below.

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6 thoughts on “Sono Motors Insider: Development news”

  1. Puuhh in series 2023. By then, the big players in the ring will already have their first facelifts with corresponding improvements at the start.

    Beautiful idea of the Sion, but I believe the couple USPS and the lame design paired with the much late market entry will not be enough to find sufficient buyers.

  2. It’s finally moving on. I was already enthusiastic about the concept in 2019 if everything could really be realized. But I don’t know how much patience I would have if I had already ordered and been put off for years. And I’m curious if they will keep the selling price.

  3. So what’s going on? For days I’ve been waiting for the delicious Sono slats that are usually read here.

    Doesn’t anyone have a bit of insider knowledge and explain to us that the senior engineers are just kidding us with their everything-in-plan fairy tales?

  4. Hello, I was really enthusiastic about the Sion concept at first and my wife and I almost made a reservation. In the meantime I am very skeptical about the series production and the market launch of the Sion, especially because I not only live in Sweden, but also know an employee of NEVS in Trollhattan who has to expect to lose his job!
    My conclusion: “Life punishes those who come too late!”

  5. …I was a SONO fan, but now I’m out of breath. I think TESLA will deliver its Model 2 even earlier. Feeding them morsels tends to wear you down in the long run. I’m sorry but I wish SONO much success.


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