Sono Motors launches its own bidirectional 11kW wallbox

Sono Motors launches its own bidirectional 11kW wallbox-sono

With an innovative solar electric car, the Munich start-up Sono Motors wants to provide more sustainability on our streets. Innovative, among other things, is the fact that you have already patented a bidirectional loading technology for electric cars in September, which is installed in the first streamer. Suitable for that, there is now the first bidirectional AC wallbox on the market of Munich start-up.

The wish from the community according to an affordable wall charging station is suitable for both the store at home as well as for vehicles-to-grid (V2G) and Vehicle-to-Home (V2H). With this wallbox it will be possible to use the solar electric car as a mobile power plant to use and deliver stored electricity either back into the house or to the public power grid. Especially house owners: inside with photovoltaic systems also save significantly, as they can use more of their own electricity even without the purchase of an expensive home store.

Loading and unloading is the SION with a power of up to 11 kW AC via the integrated type 2 charging cable. The start-up indicates that the wallbox will be up to 70% cheaper than the previously available bidirectional DC wallboxes. Already now it is possible to reserve the new wallbox free of charge, the delivery is expected to be with the Sion production start 2023.

“We want to drive the future of energy production and allow bidirectional charging for all. In combination with the integrated solar technology of the Sion, the new Wallbox means a breakthrough for bidirectional charging technology, as many homeowners can save: inside the new acquisition of an expensive home store. It is an important milestone on the way to 100% renewable energies for us.”- Laurin Hahn, CEO and founder of Sono Motors

In the current communication, the company again explains the fact that each Sion is designed as standard with a bidirectional charging system, the specially developed on-board charger (OBC), and will be related to the SONO app for the mobile power plant. In addition to the operation of household appliances and the power transmission to other electric cars, the innovative bidirectional Sono wallbox can also be supplied with the energy stored in the sion.

Sono Motors have a deliberately decided for an AC wallbox as a bidirectional charging solution. This is possible, since the conversion of DC power in AC (DC / AC) takes place in the Sion itself and not in the wallbox – which reduces their costs significantly. The final price will be announced before the market launch in 2023, but will be in the lower 4-digit euro area. The Sono Wallbox was developed together with the German manufacturer Kostal.

The control when the SION is loaded and unloaded, assumes a home energy management system (HEMS): The Wallbox communicates with the HEM via various protocols such as Z.B. EEBUS, MODBUS or OCPP. A Recommendation Which Hems are compatible with the Sono Wallbox will give it promptly to the start of sales. The SONO app and the SONO infotainment can also be set, where the loading level of the vehicle battery is to be terminated in any case.

Possible application fields are communicated from pages Sono Motors as follows:

  • Charging station for the Sion: The SONO WallBox is able to fully charge the 54 kWh LFP battery of the Sion in up to 5 hours, which is perfect for charging overnight and the range of up to 305 km guaranteed. In addition, the SION can be charged via the integrated CCS interface on fast load columns at a speed of up to 75 kW (DC), so in about 35 minutes to 80% boost.
  • Vehicle-to-Home (V2H): The vehicle acts as a power storage and power plant for its own household, without feeding into the public network. So z.B. Power from the photovoltaic system or the Sion solar integration during the day in the battery of the sion are stored and delivered at night to the house.
  • Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G): The vehicle is directly or indirectly connected via a building to the power grid and the stored energy is fed back to the net. Instead of switching off wind turbines in times of energy surplus, the excess energy could be cached in the vehicle battery. In addition, load peaks can be deterted by a composite of electric cars. The over 257.000 Planned Sion will thereby become the decentralized mega storage and pioneer on the way to 100% renewable energies.

Exciting is also the fact that once again the community has a word. And while designing the wallbox. To choose from are the over 14.000 Sion Reserviers: Inside, three different designs. Is tuned to the 13. September about the wallbox landingpage or live in the Sono House from 5.-12. September.

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  1. Everything you can show is a concept drawing that can be created in 30s in PowerPoint. Have thought about the last night and published this morning?

  2. I think the announcement is m.E. the way in the right direction. Only what bothers is that one depends on a manufacturer. I’m curious when and from which manufacturers bidirectional shop will be announced in the wallboxes and will also be offered.


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