Sono Motors: NEVS restructuring not negative for Sion Markstart

Sono Motors: NEVS restructuring not negative for Sion Markstart-sion

The Evergrand Group, a Fortune Global 500-company based in China, has secured the last shares in the Swedish electric car manufacturer National Electric Vehicle Sweden from (NEVS) in June 2020, the successor of the legendary brand Saab. The company, which should act as a handler for the sion of Sono Motors. But currently it’s about the Swedish contract manufacturers anything but good. But on the plans of Sono Motors this would have no effect.

Swedish newspaper reports according to NEVs now terminates almost half of his workforce in the context of a new company plan. At the same time, the main owner, the Chinese real estate company Evergrande, is in a deep debt crisis. Nevs only heard that these themselves seemed a little in the suspension, as it should go on. From China, it is said that the Evergrand Group is currently talking to several companies, including Nio, Xpeng Motors and Xiaomi to sell his electric vehicle business. So far, the results of the talks are not yet final.

For the Munich start-up Sono Motors, however, there seems to be positive messages. So the company was not affected by restructuring and can hold on to his plans. Christian Scheckbach, press spokesman of the company gave electric car news.Net to understand on Twitter: “Good News: The production of the Sono Motors Sion is not affected by the restructuring of our partner NEVS. The preparations of production facilities for pre-production production in 2022 and the Sion series production in the first half of 2023 are already on schedule.”

Say, fans of the solar electric vehicle may continue to lead themselves. Lastly, Sono Motors announced, as part of the press tour in the summer of 2021, that the Sion will drive from the tape with a 54 kWh battery instead of a 35 kWh battery instead of a 35 kWh battery. This battery will also set in addition to increased capacity to another chemical composition. As a result, a range of up to 305 kilometers for the sion can be reached. Paired with the solar panels, which are not only on the roof, but the “bonnet” and the vehicle sides, are up to 417 kilometers instead of 367 kilometers possible.

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