Sono Motors records 14.000 reservations worth 300 million. Euro

Sono Motors records 14.000 reservations worth 300 million. Euro-records

Sono Motors has set itself the goal of developing a car that uses the benefits of solar energy and is fully suitable for everyday use. This goal seems to arrive at the pre-order of the E-car. Meanwhile, the company looks at 14.000 Private customer reservations for his SEV (Solar Electric Vehicle) Sion with an average deposit amount of 3.000 EURO. In total, interest reflects a potential order value of around 300 million euros.

In addition to numerous reservations from Germany, the company also registered further international reservations. Like the Munich start-up, live the reservations and reservations of the Sion predominantly in Germany and the roof region, but the company also records an increasing number of reservations from countries such as Italy, Spain, Portugal, Finland, or Mauritius.

“14.000 reservations with an average deposit of around 3.000 Euro are a clear proof that the sion is needed both as well. Virtually every car we will manufacture in the first year of production is already reserved by customers. We want to bring the SION to the street as soon as possible to meet people’s desire for a resource-saving and affordable mobility solution.”- Laurin Hahn, CEO and co-founder of Sono Motors

Most recently, the market was rather worried if the Sion is even on the street. Background: The Evergrand Group, a Fortune Global 500-company based in China, has secured the last shares in the Swedish electric car manufacturer National Electric Vehicle Sweden from (NEVS) in June 2020, the successor of the legendary brand Saab. The company, which should act as a handler for the sion of Sono Motors. But currently it’s about the Swedish contract manufacturers anything but good. But on the plans of Sono Motors this would have no effect.

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  1. Instead of a production of cars, one understands for some time at least on the production of news. To do this, the message fits that the bankruptcy of the contract ready
    Sonos production does not affect. That could be z.B. be the case if you do not even produce. On the other hand, the decision to call the number of reservations is a dangerous thing. Our control organs are clearly more sensitive than that in America. If that does not agree, the U can.U. have serious consequences … I hope he has been well advised.


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