Sono Motors relies on new LED headlight technology for the solar car Sion

Sono Motors relies on new LED headlight technology for the solar car Sion-headlight

Sono Motors is serious. First, the company awards a battery major order to German automotive suppliers ElringKlinger. Now you wait at the solar car Sion with a new LED headlight technology. In collaboration with Automotive Solutions Germany GmbH (ASG), a specialist for the development and series production of lighting systems in the automotive sector, the new technology has been developed.

Already at the start of the series production 2019, the electric car son developed by Sono Motors is equipped with particularly consumable LED headlamps. For this purpose, a development team of both companies will develop a corresponding concept. This is tailored to headlights, return and brake lights in LED technology that match the sustainable claim of the vehicle and the company. It is advanced to take advantage of more efficient and long-lasting LED technology with those of existing and cost-efficient reflector lighting systems to combine.

This cooperation is also said to have a total volume of several million euros and is scheduled to run for eight years. The decision to install high-quality LED headlights in a vehicle in the 16.000 euros, which a Sion should cost excluding the battery, is a novelty in the automotive industry. Because a standard equipment with LED technology in this price segment is so far unusual. According to Managing Director Jona Christians, Sono Motors will play a pioneering role.

In addition, they are “convinced that in ASG they have found a suitable partner who has the experience, the special competence and, above all, the necessary agility that is required for the tight development plan up to the start of series production,” Christians continues.

The vehicle can be charged either on a conventional socket, via a type 2 plug or on a quick charging station within 30 minutes. As of today, Sono Motors are over 4.500 vehicle reservations. The Sion has a real range of around 250 kilometers and uses solar cells integrated into the body to feed solar energy into the battery every day for a range of up to 30 kilometers.

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  1. I’m very happy to hear that. As you can see, it is also possible to build a real electric car in Germany.
    A surprises me. Fully charge in 30 minutes? So far, there has been talk of an 11kW charger. Would mean 5kWh battery with 30km range. For a range of 250km you need a 42kWh battery. Charging it in 30min would require a 100kW charger. Something must have gotten mixed up there. I’m assuming an 11kW charger and a 35kWh battery.I think the 11kW charger is a mistake. Fast chargability is an important point in the purchase decision even if it is little used in everyday life. If you rarely want to drive 600km, then do not want to stand around 8h at the charging columns.


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