Sono Motors: sharing his car with the neighbor

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Sono Motors: sharing his car with the neighbor-neighbor

“Ultimately, you should be able to share every car with others,” says Jona Christians talking to Electric Car News. He is founded together with Laurin Hahn Founder of Sono Motors. The company develops the Sion, an electric car with solar cells in the body. The project is financed by a major community (Crowd Funding). Around 80 percent of the pre-orderers want a sharing function for the E-car. Until the SEV (Solar Electric Vehicle) is delivered until mid-2023. But the function for sharing, the Munich start-up introduces now. With the Sono app, users can share vehicles from other manufacturers with friends, family or neighbors.

One hour use per day

“47 million vehicles stand in Germany 23 hours a day unused on the streets and take valuable space away. We have to start using cars more efficiently, “says Laurin Hahn. In the app you set a user group that has access to the vehicle. Here you can see where the car is and when it is available. The group sets a fare and the billing takes place for each participant in the background. Sono Motors takes care of the insurance. Each driver is insured and liable for damages with a deductible of 500 euros.

Sono Motors: sharing his car with the neighbor-neighborSono Motors

“In our tests, we have found that 12 people is the maximum group size,” says Christians. For more participants, it comes to scheduling overlaps more frequently. Residential communities or neighbors in a residential area are target audience for the offer. Unlike classic car-sharing, all participants and trust are known. Personal contact ensures a more responsible use of the vehicle.

Share cars, no matter which manufacturer

In the pilot phase in Munich, the useful life of a vehicle rose by 150 percent per day. From an hour of travel to 2.5 hours, not much sounds, but the cost of the individual sink by 85 percent, if not everyone has their own car. In addition, the release of parking space. The sharing function is not limited to specific manufacturers or drive types. Theoretically every car can be shared. Practically, there are still some restrictions.

“Can we access the telemetry function in the car, makes the much easier,” says Christians. The Renault Zoe is easy, but not yet possible for several VW models. A dongle at the OBD2 connection ensures the connection to the app. Then the vehicle can be opened via a smartphone. The key can stay in the vehicle for all participants. If the interface for Sono Motors is closed, the groups must be used with a physical key collection, for example a key resist near the vehicle.

Sono Motors: sharing his car with the neighbor-motorsSono Motors

In the long term, Sono Motors would like to integrate the necessary security certificates into his app. Then the smartphone would be key for vehicle, booking and billing. So it will be in the sion when he is at the middle of 2023 to the currently 14.000 pre-order is delivered. With the app, Sion drivers can also deliver electricity to other E-car drivers. Via the type 2 connection flows DC from the SION into another electric car or in a home memory. In addition, the Sion has a 230 volt connection. But also trips for passengers can be offered in the app.

Sales with digital services

For the Munich company, the sharing function is one of three ingestion sources. In addition to the sale of the sion and self-developed solar technology, Christians and Hahn want to make money with digital services. Sono Motors earned with each loan operation. By 2025, the company wants to achieve 295 million euros in sales with the sharing service. First, interested user groups have to register for the service at Sono Motors and receive access to the app. The company initially wants to collect data and customer feedback to further develop the offer.

In the coming year Sono Motors plans the release of the app in the classic app stores for every interested party. “We are driven by the community thought,” says Christians. The start-up has completed one of Europe’s largest crowd funding campaigns at the end of 2019. “We are not concerned with switching the car drive to electrically. We are about sustainability and fewer cars on the streets.”

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  1. It would be much more beautiful when Sono first produced and sell that in series, what you could or would like to share.
    In itself, Sharing is a very attractive idea that should be carried out from a company in my view, with the local providers rather not working on cost-covering and that probably is more booked under image care.
    In the private area, this will not work so far-covered and meaningful, because every little bump will lead to the question of who has caused them. Crumbs in the car? It was not me …
    Occasionally a neighbor under defined boundary conditions a car borrow, no topic. That even works completely OLD School Analog. Very without app.

  2. It looks like Sono is trying to build another business area when the car officially fails you, after all, you still have something.
    Are cheaply placed news to deflect that still infinitely a lot of money for a car that is no longer competitive when it comes to the market.

  3. Super functionality. I think that many would like to share their car in the circle of acquaintances when a third party provides a well-thought-out planning, access, insurance, and billing concept. Applications are there for this

  4. After all, you take the sentence at Sono Motors “… fewer cars on the streets.” very seriously:
    The Sion is not delivered immediately … (Irony Off)

  5. This is unrealistic and the sion is not produced in the foreseeable future anyway!
    At least not in trollhattan. Greetings from Sweden!


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