Sono Motors Sion: More range & charging performance at the same price

Sono Motors Sion: More range & charging performance at the same price-motors

It is the declared goal of Sono Motors to develop a car that uses the benefits of solar energy and is fully suitable for everyday use. However, that the e-car presented a few years ago no longer seems to the current state of the art also seems clear. Therefore, the Munich start-up has announced a range and charging upgrade without extra cost.

As part of the press tour in the summer of 2021 Sono Motors announced that the Sion will drive from the tape instead of a 35 kWh battery instead of a 54 kWh battery. This battery will also set in addition to increased capacity to another chemical composition. As a result, a range of up to 305 kilometers for the sion can be reached. Paired with the solar panels, which are not only on the roof, but the “bonnet” and the vehicle sides, are up to 417 kilometers instead of 367 kilometers possible. However, the plus range is not reflected in the purchase price, which continues to.500 euros.

“The growing market for electric vehicles creates enormous demand for long-lasting and sustainable batteries. The improved battery allows SION drivers, rarely and faster to load. So we optimize the sion and offer affordable and sustainable mobility for everyone.”- Markus Verm, Chief Technology Officer by Sono Motors

The wish for a larger battery had been transferred to Sono Motors by the community to the start-up. According to Laurin Hahn, CEO of Sono Motors, have “more than 90 percent of previous reservations: in voting in for a more powerful battery”. The battery itself is used on a lithium-ferrum phosphate battery, which does not use manganese, cobalt nor nickel used. This also convinces with a longer life and less flammability.

As Tap performs 5.3 of the 6.3 square meter of the vehicle of the vehicle covered with solar cells, which could produce an average of 112 kilometers as a result of the manufacturer an average of 112 kilometers. If this is not enough, in the future will also be loaded with a maximum of 75 instead of 50 kilowatts.

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9 thoughts on “Sono Motors Sion: More range & charging performance at the same price”

  1. I continue to dream:
    “Press Tour Winter 2021/2022: Sono Motors announces that all the cars will get a trailer hitch, the price of the car increases by € 800.”

    I am always surprised, with which visionary devotion holds the startup company his ecstatic disciples. Or should I rather be fooled?

  2. Press Tour 2027:
    “As part of the press tour 2027 Sono Motors hands Mr. Peters from K. A scale of 1: 34.5 as recognition for its 10-year reservation and announces that the Sion is equipped with a Flux compensator.”
    Mr. Peters from K is looking forward to his sion: “I’m waiting for another 10 years, for the transitional period I buy old diesel – which is now pretty cheap”.

  3. Even though I continue to hope that it creates a young German startup so bring a vehicle to the market, unfortunately talks much at the moment that they can do it.
    Personally, I would have a car that 50km real range per week with photovoltaics probably generates almost never load. With the recently signed home office contract I am only 2 days a week in office and I have 10km to work. Every now and then I’ll go shopping or in the hardware store, both no 5km far away.
    As a second car that would be an alternative.

  4. Who has not tried himself in his life, to bring something comparable to a solar car, of course, may still like to make fun of small investors funny, but smooth the equivalent of a “little Pentecost family trip” of 500-1.000 € Invested in a company, whose implementation can be achieved in a market success but not completely safely achieved ..

    Everyone else noticed that commercial donors also invest significantly in the company!:

    https: // sonomotors.COM / DE / Press / Press Releases / Sono Motors Completes-45-Million-Series C-Funding Round /

    The technically interested here will be possibly. Details of the LFP technology (LIFPO4) developed in the early 2000s, as you should now be updated:

    Wolfbrecht GOsebert-range
    • No use of cobalt, manganese and nickel
    • Improved battery reliability in terms of flammability
    • New DC charging power up to 75 kW
    • Increased life of up to 3.000 cycles or up to 900.000 km
    https: // sonomotors.COM / DE / SION / BATTERY /

    It would be interesting if you want to deliver the battery in the future ..

  5. Interesting thing is the change to the previously communicated data:
    Before 35 kWh and 250 km range
    Now 54 kWh and 305 km range
    20% more Range with 50% more battery capacity. So so.
    But whoever believes in Sono is a special type of person anyway.

  6. The model for the Sion is already today: Simply print the appropriate file from Sono on the 3D printer. Stands with me on the shelf to keep the anticipation ;-))

    The shifts of the planned production start are annoying to annoying.
    But: The existing alternatives are not only much more expensive in my view, but modern dinosaurs: over-motorized, ridiculously heavy, often exterior and inside small.

    I refer to the models held by me previously sample Tesla 3 and Skody Enyaq. The enyaq with large battery is already overloaded with 4 people and rice bags, with a car with 2.3 to empty weight. That’s a design error. The Tesla 3 has a mini tailgate and the coming Y is also a sports car with great mass.

    Since I prefer to wait a bit until the Sono a sustainable, modern car comes and rent me until then, if necessary, the missing mobile pedestal.

    The now announced extension of the battery is exactly what makes the package “SION SONO” universally applicable.

    By the way: The “Double-Use” of the Sono is already known? 11kW three-phase output under the front flap! I can supply my house with a power failure. Then with power failure even the PV system on the roof and the solar battery in the basement. Very reassuring if soon becomes short because of the great advance planning of our thick Minister of Economic Affairs, the electricity in Germany.

  7. Funny … 3 years ago I wrote to Sono, as you can imagine the car with LNC cells at promised V2V and V2G without adapted warranty concept. And that only LFP makes sense. Only then LFP cells were still 40% more expensive than LNC. At the time, definitely no LFP cells were considered. This naive approach attached me to waiting for this car.

  8. To all negative writers, you cling to the from Sono, and yet you still exist, and listen to your community, great. Your comparisons are Note 6, you do not understand the big whole.


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