Sono Motors stands before!? This time because of Evergrande!?

Sono Motors stands before!? This time because of Evergrande!?-time

The Evergrand Group, a Fortune Global 500-company based in China, has secured the last shares in the Swedish electric car manufacturer National Electric Vehicle Sweden from (NEVS) in June 2020, the successor of the legendary brand Saab. The company, which should act as a handler for the sion of Sono Motors. But currently it’s about the Swedish contract manufacturers anything but good.

Swedish newspaper reports according to NEVs now terminates almost half of his workforce in the context of a new company plan. At the same time, the main owner, the Chinese real estate company Evergrande, is in a deep debt crisis. The previously lucrative real estate market in China is stalled and the company looks at a massive debt mountain; Savings are necessary. As a sign of the extent of the crisis, founder Hui Ka Yan had to resign as Chairman of the real estate business of Evergrande on Tuesday, according to Wall Street Journal.

At about the same time, the message came that NEVS 300 of its approximately 650 employees releases in Trollhattan. These are 200 employees and 100 employees in the public service, which now threatens the loss of their workplace. On the other hand, it is also the case that there are no concrete future plans for the Sweden. And that although NEV’s part of the conversion plan for the “mobility of the future” is.

From the company itself came only the feedback: “We have received signals from our owners that they have difficulty finance our business at the previous level, and of course that affected themselves. It’s a decision that deals with this change, but it’s also a decision to reduce the costs in a shorter time.”But you do not know how high the debts are and how bad the situation is actually. NEVS wanted to take negotiations.

From China, it is said that the Evergrand Group is currently talking to several companies, including Nio, Xpeng Motors and Xiaomi to sell his electric vehicle business. So far, the results of the talks are not yet final. Previously, Reuters quoted three sources, saying Evergrande in talks with Xiaomi and an investment firm supported by the government in Shenzhen to sell a part of its 65 percent participation in Evergrande car.

The highly indebted Evergrand Group has decided to rescue through the sale of assets, including the automotive industry. Previously, the People’s Bank of China, China’s Central Bank, and the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission interviewed the executives of the Evergrand Group and asked for a stable business activity to actively solve debt risks and the stability of the real estate market and the finances true. Which also explain the cuts with NEVs in Sweden.

From Germany, sides of Sono Motors, there is no information on how the crisis of Evergrande affects the plans for the Sion. Meanwhile, there is a statement from Sono Motors. All information can be found in this article.

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10 thoughts on “Sono Motors stands before!? This time because of Evergrande!?”

  1. Failure of rupture headings can also be found here:
    https: // en.Saabblog.Net / 2021 / 08/02 / What-about-the-Future-of-Evergrande-Car /

  2. What a pity.
    I was a Saab fan and if the traditional brand had to disappear, at least sharply of the work and the workforce had a certain future.
    But at least ran and run. Volvo in Sweden differently.

  3. With Sion, that has nothing to do that other companies are in trouble. Sion himself was never difficult, they never had to build this absurd, tarred car and have brought their shells into the dry for years. And victims never go out. You just have to promise something too nice to be true, so and you find donors. This time it was a car that charges itself and less costs as a burner of the same class. Next time, people from the Board rating may show a vehicle that more recuperates than it used previously. Physically impossible? Of course, how had. But it does not turn to physicists. But, like all such offers, to humans, where life is so low that sensible bills are not possible. And there are plenty of it.

  4. Ideas have many e-auto startups, but also with e-cars: “Money rules the world” – that is why so many startups with their E-cars do the missing money, including the investors.

    Chances on cheap E cars are available at the big car manufacturers. If first the premium customers are largely supplied with the expensive electric car, then there are more favorable E cars there.

    At Microlino, there are the 3. Order manufacturer – maybe Sion finds another contract ready.

  5. Hey from Sweden!
    There are no employees in the “public service” at NEVs as written here in the article! It is 100 collective agreement employees at NEVS (ie employees who have a collective agreement workplace, which was closed between the employer NEVS and the union – Swedish: Facket,.
    The other 200 employees threatened by dismissal are employees from the administration at NEVS – Swedish: Tjanstemen.
    By the way, Christian von Koenigsegg in angelholm is also a shareholder / investor in NEVs.
    Hej då!

  6. Hej!
    Sorry, I have to correct my comment: Christian von Koenigsegg is not a shareholder / investor at NEVS. KoenigSegg has with NEVs a letter of intent to the common development and potential production of electric vehicles at NEVS in Trollhattan. NEVS has invested in Koenigsegg.
    Hej då!

  7. Think if any, then Xiaomi buys this division. NIO and Xpeng probably do not have the necessary change for it and do not necessarily need to invest in such a thing. There would be a lot to be done at Evergrande Auto. Many also doubt if the Sion is still coming. Perhaps.

  8. good bye,
    my 70s grecher in autumn 2023 wobbles? The “expensive Sweden” has chosen because the CO-2 can produce neutral. It is proud of that. How the Wollmilchsau Production is addressed is more than expensive & complicated! How could that be 25.5K? Not at all, I suspect. Too late, too much on “parts” aisled, undercapitalized, I do not experience that anymore.


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