Sono Motors will be on 12. January 2021 Sion prototypes reveal

Sono Motors will be on 12. January 2021 Sion prototypes reveal-sono

Step by step Sono Motors nourishes in the past few weeks of serial maturity of the initial stream Sion. At the beginning of January 2021, the company now shares that the current Sion prototype on the 12. January 2021 is revealed at 19:45. Combined with the Sono Solar technology developed by Sono Motors, the Sion paves the way for a reasonably priced change in a sustainable future. An outlook as this can look like, we’ll see in a few days.

One year after completing one of Europe’s largest crowdfunding campaigns, Sono Motors presented the product of its enduring and innovative work in 2020. The Sion has an estimated gross price of only 25.500 euros the lowest total cost of ownership of its class and has more than 12 to this day.Get 600 pre-orders, so the company in its current press release.

“We are proud to redeem our promise to our community and present a product that promotes the transition to a solar-powered future. This journey began in a garage with a simple idea and has become a great force thanks to the overwhelming support of our community. I speak for our entire team when I say that the next-generation Sion prototype is the beginning, and we absolutely want to start to achieve our goal. We look forward to continuing our progress to deliver the first Solar-eV for everyone.”- Laurin Hahn, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer by Sono Motors

Mathieu Baudrit, Director Photovoltaic Integration at Sono Motors, is already known in advance a few info on the new Sion prototype: “This vision is powered by our self-developed Sono Solar technology, which replaces the traditional paint through integrated solar cells, the clean, renewable and free Pick up energy. With a boundless range of possible applications, SONO SOLAR technology is a seamless, flexible and lightweight solution for efficient electric shop.”

It is the first time that Sono Motors are presented at CES, one of the largest and most influential technology fairs in the world. The CES 2021 finds from 11. to 14. January 2021 in a completely digital format and becomes more than 1.000 Exhibitors from around the world include. The financing seems to be a little more stable in mid-December 2020. At this time, the Munich start-up announced the conclusion of a series C financing round of 45 million euros. The latest round of financing of Sono Motors was led by a series of renowned institutional investors, including Swedbank and DNCA. John. Berenberg, Gossler & Co. KG has advised the company exclusively at the transaction.

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9 thoughts on “Sono Motors will be on 12. January 2021 Sion prototypes reveal”

  1. “The prophet is not in your own country”
    Unfortunately, Europe is not a startup paradise, except (risk) money is missing a will ..
    Instead of promoting such visions and efforts in the germ are suffocated … sad the whole ..

  2. If that funzt, it is almost altableless well! At least right now! I’m very excited about the Sion and his solar cells! And if we could implement this company idol in the complete economy, the world would still be saved! That’s safe!

  3. I was lucky enough to drive this car at an appointment in Heilbronn. That made great fun and I think the idea is very convincing. I would buy the car if it is at an affordable price for the “normal earner” and in the future an environmentally friendly battery solution (Z.B.Apple battery) with the corresponding recycling concept is installed.

  4. I also think that these guys make their own thing from the beginning with all the consequence, hat, but they still resist them, and pull it through


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