Sono Sion: New prototype of the solar electric car unveiled

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Deliveries from the beginning of 2022 at a unit price of 25,500 euros

Sono Sion: New prototype of the solar electric car unveiled-solar

The basic idea of ​​the Sono Sion is: Who can get an electric car with solar panels fully paved, then the solar energy gained can be sufficient to cope with the daily commute without having to charge the car at the pillar.

At an online presentation at CES 2021, the Munich-based solar car company Sono Motors now showed a new version of the Sion.

Sono has been working on the Sion since 2012. In 2017, the company trundled through Germany with a prototype. The numerous solar cells with which the body is covered, and which are only noticeable on closer inspection, should generate an additional range of 30 kilometers per day. In total, the car should cover 250 kilometers with its 40 kWh battery.

At that time there was talk of a start of series production in 2019, but that did not happen. In order to realize the Sion, one must first raise 50 million euros, it was said. By the end of 2020, the company had even collected 100 million euros, according to Sono in a press release on December 16. By then, the company had already taken around 12,600 pre-orders.

Sono Sion: New prototype of the solar electric car unveiled-sion

So now the Sion could become a reality. According to Sono's plans, a few first Sion copies are to be built in September, but they will only be used for type approval. Series production will start from the beginning of 2022, in Trollhattan, Sweden, by Saab's successor company NEVS (National Electric Vehicle Sweden).

The technical data of the Sion according to the website:

  • Drive: front electric motor with 120 kW (163 PS) and 270 Nm
  • 0-100 km / h: <9 sec.
  • Vmax: 140 km / h
  • Battery: 35 kWh (water-cooled lithium-ion battery)
  • WLTP range: 255 km
  • Charging: up to 11 kW AC via type 2 charging connection, up to 50 kW DC via CCS
  • Solar cells: 248 units that generate up to 1.2 kW of power
  • Additional range through solar cells: up to 35 km per day (or 5,800 km per year)
  • Dimensions: 4,290 mm long, 1,830 mm wide, 1,670 mm high
  • Trunk: 650-1,250 liters
  • Trailer load: 750 kg (unbraked)
  • Market launch: early 2022
  • Price: 25,500 euros

The most important parts of the Sion include the solar cells, which have a plastic cover and should be "cheaper, lighter and much more efficient than conventional glass solar cells," according to the Munich-based company. The Sion is only available in black so that the solar cells do not stand out. The construction of the Sion consists of an aluminum space frame that supports a plastic body. Painting is no longer necessary. The electric motor is a standard part off the Continental shelf.

The Sion is also capable of bidirectional charging. The app belonging to the car should make it possible to lend the car to others, for example to family members or to comrades from the sports club.

The series electric drive and the series chassis have now been installed in the prototype that has now been presented. In addition, the outer parts were provided with solar panels. Progress has also been made with on-board electronics. It now communicates with the app so that, for example, unlocking, opening the loading flap or preconditioning can be carried out using a mobile phone.

The picture of the cockpit shows chic displays and a center console on which a red emergency stop button is emblazoned. According to Sono, the dashboard should already be close to series production; it amazes with its bright green color, which contrasts with the otherwise very restrained color scheme.

At the live event, Sono also showed the prototype of a solar trailer for trucks, which was built together with the Finnish solar manufacturer Valoe. The large area should generate up to 80 kWh of electrical energy per day.

You can watch the online presentation of the Sion in this video:

Picture gallery: Sono Sion (2023)

Sono Sion: New prototype of the solar electric car unveiled-electric

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