Sony is looking for partners for Vision-S and other E-models

Sony is looking for partners for Vision-S and other E-models-partners

It’s been two years since the Sony Vision-S caused a stir in the world of e-mobility. At CES 2022, Sony announced that we’ll be hearing more about the Sony Vision-S in the future. This is intended to pave the way for the company into electromobility. A path you don’t want to walk alone. As an insider told Reuters, the company wants to include new technology partners in the electric vehicle project.

In order to further accelerate the development and to make new proposals for the further development of the mobility experience, Sony will be in spring 2022 a company “Sony Mobility Inc.’, through which the company intends to explore entering the electric vehicle market. Partners could be included in this or at least work together with them to bring the Vision-S or the electric SUV Vision-S 02 onto the road.

The progressive switch to electric cars, which are easier to build than those with internal combustion engines, is allowing new market entrants to enter vehicle manufacturing. At the same time, autonomous driving and 5G connectivity are expected to transform the auto industry by turning cars into mobile platforms for information and entertainment services. Sony would like to react to this and shape this together with potential new partners.

“We see the risk of ignoring e-cars than greater than the challenge you represent,” said Izumi Kawanishi, the Senior General Manager, in an interview. In a way, the upcoming transformation of cars is comparable to the development of information technology, which has transformed telephones into smartphones. Announcing the new mobility unit at the CES technology fair in Las Vegas, Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida hinted for the first time that he would turn an electromobility development project started two years ago into a profitable venture.

With the e-vehicle, the aim is to bring mobility even closer to people and at the same time develop technologies that are geared towards safety, adaptability and entertainment. It quickly becomes clear that Sony is thinking on a larger scale. So you not only rely on an e-prototype, but also announced and exhibited an electric SUV (VISION-S 02) as a new form factor. This vehicle uses the same EV / Cloud platform as the prototype (VISION-S 01) tested on public roads. The previous prototypes were manufactured in Austria by the Canadian auto parts manufacturer Magna International. Other members of the Europe-based project include German auto parts maker Bosch, French automotive technology company Valeo SE and Hungarian autonomous vehicle start-up AImotive.

To bring an electric car to market, Sony would likely need to invest heavily in plant and equipment. Sony will also have to contend with traditional automakers like Toyota, General Motors Co, and Volkswagen AG, which are spending tens of billions of dollars to beat the e-newbies. With new partners that you want to bring into the project, this should succeed.

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  1. Sony was and is the company that developed and built the first lithium ion battery (1993!). Why not also a good innovative E-car, which is in standards therefore, like the other, other manufacturers?


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