Sony sees Vision-S as a pioneer in e-mobility

Sony sees Vision-S as a pioneer in e-mobility-pioneer

It’s been two years since the Sony Vision-S caused a stir in the world of e-mobility. At CES 2022, Sony announced that we’ll be hearing more about the Sony Vision-S in the future. This is intended to pave the way for the company into electromobility. In order to further accelerate the development and make new suggestions to further develop the mobility experience, Sony will establish an operating company “Sony Mobility Inc.”Reasons that the company wants to explore entry into the market for electric vehicles.

The company aims to make the best use of AI and robotics technologies to create a world where everyone can live in harmony every day with robots that fill people with emotions and contribute to society. The Vision-S vehicle, previously only known as a concept vehicle, also plays a role here. But not only. The autonomous entertainment robot aibo and the drone Airpeak will also be brought into the newly founded operating company.

But back to the electric car more exciting Vision-S. This began last year with public road tests in Europe. Likewise, verification tests of the safety and user experience of the imaging and sensor technology installed inside and outside the vehicle as well as the human-machine interface (HMI) system have been launched. This test and experimental phase was supplemented from April 2021 by 5G driving tests, in the concept vehicle, which could probably be transferred in series.

With the e-vehicle, the aim is to bring mobility even closer to people and at the same time develop technologies that are geared towards safety, adaptability and entertainment. It quickly becomes clear that Sony is thinking on a larger scale. So you not only rely on an e-prototype, but also announced and exhibited an electric SUV (VISION-S 02) as a new form factor. This vehicle uses the same EV/Cloud platform as the prototype (VISION-S 01) which is being tested on public roads.

There has been no news on the technical details of the Stromer since last year. Which is why we list them again below. The Vision-S has two 200 kW motors (all-wheel drive) that generate a maximum speed of 240 km/h. With a system output of 400 kW (536 hp). The car accelerates from zero to 100 in 4.8 seconds. The E-car was developed in collaboration with several companies. These include: Magna, Benteler, Bosch, NVIDIA, Continental, Qualcomm, ZF, Elektrobit, Blackberry, Gentex and HERE. According to current information, nothing should have changed in this data.

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